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Important Information for Educators - November 2018

Is it okay to use my personal electronic device to take pictures and videos of my classes and students?

With the increasing popularity of smartphones and the high powered cameras they provide, this is a question that seems to come up more and more frequently every year.

It is recommended that for pre-planned activities, you use a school-issued recording device. There are machines available in all buildings for checkout. We also purchased two SWIVL robots for use to record classroom activities. If you are interested in checking out a SWIVL device, contact either Russ Hill or Brittany Kaple.

We understand that spur of the moment teaching opportunities happen when you don't have a school-issued device handy. If you do use your personal device to take pictures of students, make sure that you immediately download the media to your work computer or Google drive and then delete it from your personal device. This is the best way to protect yourself and our students.

Last year the district became an opt-out district. This means that we communicate with our families every year in the district calendar, our student handbooks and on our websites, that, "employees will take photos and videos of students during classroom activities and events, as well as during school-sponsored activities that may occur off-site. These images, examples of student work and the name of any student or staff member may be published for marketing or other purposes..." If a family elects to opt-out, we are not permitted to take photos or videos of their children. If a student has turned this form in to you, or the office, this should be noted in the student's Skyward account. It is encouraged that you know who you are and aren't allowed to photograph before taking pictures or videos of your classes.

If you still have questions about these practices, please contact your building administrator for further clarification.

New District Roles

As you may already know, we started this school year with two new social and emotional intervention specialist positions in our district. Both Hugo and Olga spend one day in each of our 5 buildings every week, but often make calls to other buildings when issues arise. It is important to remember that BOTH of these positions are funded with LAP dollars, meaning that they are only available to serve students that fall below grade-level in mathematics and reading.

If you have a concern about a student, you should contact your school's intervention team to determine what steps should be taken to get the support necessary for that individual child. Here are the teams at each school that handle these situations:

  • East Valley High School - Student Assistance Team (SAT)
  • East Valley Central Middle School - Student Assistance Team (SAT)
  • East Valley Elementary School - JAG Team
  • Moxee Elementary School - Moxee Intervention Support Team (MIST)
  • Terrace Heights Elementary School - P.A.W.S

Bats In Our Buildings

Phase 1 of Gap Training this summer aimed to empower staff members in the event of a crisis. We equipped each of our classrooms with a t-ball bat so that you would have a tool to use in the event of an active-shooter incident. Please keep your bat somewhere that is accessible in the event of a crisis, but not easily accessible to students on a daily basis. We are in the process of working with building administrators to schedule Phase 2 of Gap Training to further prepare you for emergency situations.
Donate crayons and coloring books for kids in Virginia Mason Memorial's Pediatric Care Unit and support EVHS Advanced Leadership. Drop donations at the high school.
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