UBMS Weekly Update

January 8, 2016



We are excited to have a new year to work with our students!

Introducing our NEW "UB Special" Award!

"UB Special" Awards will be given to one student each week. Staff select a special student who has demonstrated good qualities of leadership, courage, perseverance, ambition, friendship, or achievement.

Please congratulate our first recipient - CHANDLER STREEKSTRA!

Chandler has repeatedly demonstrated qualities of a true, caring friend in his support and encouragement to others.

Thank you Chandler - UB special!

Tutoring Reminders

Tutoring resumed January 7th and will continue in the Stayer Center, Rooms 217/218 from 3-6 p.m. All UBMS students are welcome.

There will be NO tutoring on January 21, 2016.

Birthdays This Week!

ZARIA YOUNG turns sweet 16 on the 13th!
turns 17 on the 15th!

Programming - Required and Non-Required...

Please mark calendars for these events and opportunities:

  • 1/26: "Financial Brackets with Chris" - Required for ALL grades.

Horace Mann students will take Lunch A and report to Chris for an 11:30 - 12:30 workshop - location TBD

Fondy Students will be signed up for UBMS during Cardinal Time and will report to the Community Room - location not confirmed.

  • 1/27: Financial Aid Night at Horace Mann. Any SENIOR student who missed the financial aid night at Fondy High last month, should attend this program. Additionally, ALL Juniors should consider attending as next year's Seniors will be filing their FAFS as early as October 2016! Get the info NOW!

  • 2/20: College Goal Wisconsin (FAFSA submission) at Marian. Required for Seniors only, unless they can prove that their FAFSA has already been submitted.
  • 2/20: CELEBRATE CommUNITY, FDL County Fairgrounds, 10:30 - 4:30. NOT required, but Tracy is looking for volunteers. Please use this link to sign up: http://goo.gl/forms/Hxf7WawMNq
  • 2/23: TRIO Day Event 5:30 - 7:00 PM. Required for all grades.

  • 3/13: Browser Open at FDL Public Library. NOT required, but Tracy is looking for volunteers. Watch for separate email.
  • "Employ-ability Panel" - Date to be determined. Will be an evening program at Marian, required for all grades.

Upcoming Opportunities at Marian University in April

There are two events in April that we are encouraging ALL of our students to consider attending here at Marian.

Saturday, April 2 - Student Leadership Conference. UBMS students have LOVED this conference in the past!
Wednesday, April 5 - Academic Symposium (day event) - we'll do our best to get you out of school to attend!

Please mark your calendars and watch for more details on both of these events. These are not required, but you won't want to miss them!

Monthly Lunch Visits

Monday, January 11th at Fondy - Hallway to Cafeteria, Door 25.
Tuesday, January 12th at Horace Mann - Cafeteria

Staff will be available to meet with students during the lunch hours. Please stop by to say hello, check in, or introduce a friend. Stipend checks will be available.

FDL Works Education Decoder

Important Information for all parents and students!
FDL Works is an excellent website that you will ALL want to become familiar with - you can even post and find jobs here.


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