Molly Pitcher

patriot who carried water to soldiers /helped with cannons.

Remembering Molly Pitcher

Molly Pitcher is the nickname given to the woman who fought in the American Battle of Monmouth named Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley. She earned her nickname by carrying water pitchers to the soldiers during the American Revolution. Many historians see Molly Pitcher as a folklure instead of history because of the tales about her. A monument is displayed in Carlisle for her heroic acts during battle. Molly Pitcher Highway on the state line of Pennsylvania and maryland was named after Molly Pitcher.

The Life of Molly Pitcher

Molly was born to a family in Trenton, New Jersey. She was born October 13, 1744. It is said that Molly didnt have much education because it was a waste of money during the time period for young girls to go to school. During the battle her husband was taken down so she took over the cannon for him. Molly Pitcher died in carlisle, Pennsylvania on January 22, 1832. Married John Hayes July 24th, 1769 following his death he married John McCauley. She had one child Johanes Hayes.