Anna Pavlova

Famous Russian Ballerina By Rachael!

Personal Life

Anna Pavlova was born on Feburary 12th 1881 in St.Petersburg in Russia.Her biological father died when she was only a little toddler. Anna had a stepfather.As Anna Pavlova started to grow she was fascinated by ballet.

Although Anna Pavlova family was poor her mother was able to see a performance of Sleeping Beauty at the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg when Anna was 8 years old.Within just 2 years Anna was accepted at the St. Petersburg Imperial Ballet School.

  • Performing

The school was directed by Marius Petipa.All her teachers was amazed with her gift then in 1899 she graduated and went to different schools and then she became a Prima Ballerina.She then danced in small groups and performed at the same place where she watched Sleeping Beauty.

  • Great Performances

In 1905 she performed in Dying Swan Lake and then in 1906 she did Giselle.In 1907 and 1908 she went on a tour.When she was touring the second time she visited while she was touring she went to New Zealand and they made a maringue base cake and named it Pavlova.

She then went to australia and inspired many Australian dancers.In 1911 Anna Pavlova started her own ballet company.Every time she performed she inspired more and more children.Anna Pavlova then got married.

  • Death

Every time she performed more people watched.Then on the January 23rd 1931 she died from a Lung Disease called Pleurisy.

Anna Pavlova

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