Character Texturing and Rendering

by Chirag Parikh

Pre-Visualization PlayBlast

I intend to add some other models on this turn table to give it a look of some scene which would be relevant to the characters persona. The reason why I have chose this character is because his sturdy and tough appearance. He seems more like a soldier which would enable me to set a scene in the turn table as well as I can use his torso on which it seems like there's a armor already on his chest.

Final Render


Color Pallet For the Character

Big image

Texture References

Big image

Lighting Concept


I wanted to spend more time on Texturing and wanted to make it look more realistic. As far as the Lighting is concerned, I wanted to make it look more darker in order to make give the scene a spooky look overall in a way that would create an ambience of him being alone in the jungle, probably during the evening time. I purposely didn't add much in the turntable in order to avoid long time in Rendering! But still wanted to create a jungle sort of a scene which I was able to create to a certain extent.