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When you make fun of someone or something to try to get a point across so they can learn a lesson.

Satirical TV Show

Saturday Night Live is a good example of satire because they are making fun of celebrities or trends to teach them a lesson in a way.

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My Satire

My parents are always telling me how I'm on my phone way to much and that I'm addicted to it, when my dad is on his phone or watching t.v. almost as much as I am and my mom is on her computer or watching t.v. probably more than I am. Is it because I am in school and a teen that makes it to where it wrong for me to be on my phone? i go to school all day are my ways of relaxing afterwards wrong because they are on my Phone? They relax by watching t.v. or getting on Facebook. I do the same thing, so why is it so wrong and why do i get ridiculed for doing the same as them?
Hotline Bling Parody - SNL