Canada And The United States

by: Chloe Aguirre

Interesting facts about The relationship of Canada and the US!

Highlighting Connections!


Canada and the United states trade more than $2 billion in goods/products every day. share a $1.4 trillion trade relationship.

The us has provided Canada with a lot of it investment capital and technology, showing in a high level of US ownership and control of the Canadian economy. The Industrialization had begun in the mid-19th century, but expanded in the 20th century. for more information go to )


United states is a country of just one basic language(english). Canada is a country with two basic languages(french and english) The population in Canada is 33,910,000. The population is the US is 313,232,000.



1. Roman Catholic: 42.6%

2. Protestant: 23.3%

3. Other: 18.1%

4. None: 16%

United States:

1. Protestant: 51.3%

2. Roman Catholic: 23.9%

3. Other: 20.8%

4. none: 4%



1. English- 66.5%

2. French- 21.9%

3. Chinese- 1.2%

4. Spanish- o.7%

United States:

1. English- 80.3%

2. Spanish- 12.2%

3. Chinese- 0.9%

4. French- 0.7%

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Canada is a constitutional monarchy, governed by Prime Minister and a Parliament. The United States are Republic governed by a president and congress. The United States divides the government into three equal powerful branches (legislative, judicial, and Executive) each balancing one another. While in Canada The Prime Minister is a part of the Parliament and has the power to take over or overpower majority opinion and to decide government policy.

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War of 1812!!

This war connected us to Canada!!


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