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Sports and Activities

Ancient Sports

People around the world have always enjoyed sports and activities. The sports are different, but they reflect the culture of the people. Some sports are more violent than others. Sports have evolved over the years. Frequently sports from the past were more aggressive than the sports that we see today. Ancient Egyptian sports and Ancient Roman sports were very different from each other.

Learning about Ancient Roman and Ancient Egyptian Sports

Did you know that both the Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Romans saw sports and activities as entertainment, but the Ancient Romans saw death as the object of that form of entertainment? On the other hand, Ancient Egyptians did not see death as a form of entertainment. Egyptian sports and activities were less violent than Roman sports. Even with their differences, both civilizations found a way to entertain themselves with different activities. Although Ancient Egyptians loved sports and activities they were not as competitive as the Ancient Romans. Both Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome dealt with sports and games to entertain their audience, but they both did it in different ways.

Ancient Egyptian sports

Wrestling might have been the first arranged sport of all. It was developed in many different cultures around the world including Ancient Egypt. The rules of wrestling in Ancient Egypt were almost the same as modern wrestling rules, but they were a little different. The sport of wrestling has survived has been passed down for thousands of years.

Archery also became a very popular sport in Ancient Egypt. It was closely related to hunting. Even the pharaoh went out with a team of hunters and hunt hippos. Hunting hippos was very dangerous. Although a hippo could injure or even kill a hunter, they were still commonly hunted in Ancient Egypt. An Egyptian Temple shows an event that is carved in stone. The picture shows King Amenhotep II shooting an arrow while riding in a chariot. This scene could either be the King hunting or defending the village from an enemy attack, but its does show the importance of archery.WENT

Probably the most violent sport in the Egyptian culture was sword fighting. The first Egyptian sword fighting matches were held about 3200 years ago. Although the matches were violent, they would not result in death of one of the competitors.

Ancient Egyptian Children

From an early age Egyptian children began competing in various sports and activities. The children also loved to make up games and activities to entertain themselves. They came up with a variety of different games and activities to play. Usually the boy’s games were rougher and more competitive than the girl’s games, but the games rarely lead to fistfighting unless someone cheated.

Some of the games that children played were tug of war, wrestling matches, relay races, and strength competitions. Children also loved to play with marbles and toys that were made of clay, wood, bone, ivory, ceramics, and stone. Some games would involve a ball. Since rubber was unknown at the time the balls were made of either leather skin filled with chaff, dried papyrus reeds fastened tightly together, or rags and string.

Ancient Roman Chariot Racing

As you already know Ancient Roman sports were very violent because Ancient Romans saw death as a form of entertainment. One of the oldest sports in Ancient Rome is chariot racing, Chariot racing dates back to the 6th century BCE. Chariot races were held in an oval shaped stadium called a circus. The oldest circus in Rome is called the Circus Maximus. It is a very dangerous sport. People could be injured or even killed from their reckless racing.

Ancient Roman Gladiator Games

Gladiator games were also very popular in Ancient Rome. Gladiator games were held in a coliseum. A coliseum is a large stadium where sports games are held. Gladiator games were when two men, known as gladiators would fight to the death for the enjoyment of others.
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Not as much is known about Ancient Roman children as is known about the Ancient Egyptian children. Remains of some games have been found. The children did attend the chariot races and the gladiator games with their parents.

Both the Ancient Egyptians and the Ancient Romans created sports and activities to entertain themselves. Egyptian sports were a part of their everyday life. For example archery was developed because the Egyptians needed to hunt for food. Sword fighting could be used to defend their village from enemy attacks. On the other hand, Ancient Romans developed their sports to be a form of bloodthirsty entertainment. The purpose of the gladiator games were to entertain the crowd with killings. I do not think the purpose of chariot races was for people to die, but the races were so competitive and reckless that the racers would frequently crash, be run over, and die. Their type of sports reflect their culture. Their sports were vicious just like they attacked other countries to add to their empire. The Egyptian culture was not nearly as aggressive to their neighbors.