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There are different thing to be consider before Designing. Well if a product is designed well it will serve the demand its sales rate will rise or it will be fiasco products. Well this not will not go with websites has website is built to increase the profits for organization or a small trading company well to achieve this we have to design a website which works which is a challenge for every Web Development Company who build website for various business activity.

Designing is the most important part to which you have to look for in your website whether it can be a small business or a reputed corporation, A good Design is a must for any business website as it becomes a face of the company which is responsible to earn revenue for the business. A design can make a website look best and also worst. Many web designing company use flash to create and develop websites. flash plays an important role in today’s development of websites, If designed well it can be a hit, Some flash contained website are still fiasco to avoid these flops you have to avoid some factors to make a better design using flash.

While creating a website there are some factors to avoid,

User must know who you are:

Attention to your website is a valuable return to your business, Customer has to figure what is your website is about within seconds, If not they will surely move somewhere else. Your website must convey your message in a simple and fast way this is followed by most of the professional web design companies.

The content must be scan able:

Every visitor you get will not have enough time to read the complete content of your website, about 80% of the visitor almost just scan the website so keep it small and clean with relevant images will also work on this.

All always work on CSS:

Do not use any fancy font which will make you website colorful but it will fail to do its basic job to speared the words, These different fonts sizes with different colors can make your website content unreadable, unprofessional and do not use tiny fonts on the website.

Do not Overuse Flash or graphics: Flash is an easy way to render graphics on you website and it’s easy compare to coding, Even one of best web Design company in USA use flash in all there high end website but it can become worst any overused, because the information embedded in flash is often invisible for search engines, Websites which use flash navigation have problems in navigating through website.

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