Ridgeview STEM Junior High School

September 25, 2020

From the Principal

Hello Tiger families,

As we begin to move further into the school year, I wanted to take this opportunity to share my take-aways while working with my own junior high and high schooler in the hybrid model.

1. FIND THE MONDAY POST WITH THE LESSON PLAN: Google classroom can be brilliant but also confusing. I had to remind my son to look for the Monday post in Google classroom with the lesson plan that provides the sequence to do his activities. Remember, teachers also have an agenda posted for parents to look at with similar information, but it was helpful having a tab open with the lesson plan and another tab that had the links in the classroom.

2. CREATE A SCHEDULE BY LOOKING AT THE ASSIGNMENTS: When we went to the To-do list in Google Classroom, man did that look overwhelming! When we looked at the lesson plan and then the assignments, he had 6 activities in just one subject to do on his virtual days. However, when we opened them up, we realized the videos were between 2-8 minutes long. Each video had a response that was posted as a separate assignment. All in all, when we looked at that work, it was really about an hour for those 3 days. Now, I know in future weeks, the work may take longer. To help, we create a schedule of work time, break time, etc. Work isn't due until Sunday, but with sports on the weekend, we try really hard to get our work complete beforehand. It doesn't always happen, but having a schedule has helped minimize what is hanging over to finish.

3. COMPLETE LESSONS FOR CURRENT WEEK FIRST THEN CIRCLE BACK TO MISSING WORK: Kids forget or miss an assignment here or there. Maybe they had tech issues and couldn't access their material for some time! I have taught my sons to do the work for this week first. If you try to do missing work first, you may get caught in a cycle of always having something missing. The goal in our house is to have the work for the week done on the second virtual day if possible, and then use the third to focus on any make up assignments. It doesn't always work out that way, but it gives a structure to address missing work if it happens.

4. TEACH HOW TO EMAIL TEACHERS: I had to remind my kids I am not the knower of all knowledge! I have a pretty good handle on math through Geometry, U.S. History and Spanish, but it doesn't mean I don't get tripped up every once in a while when they have questions about what they are learning! Pushing my sons to be more vocal about what they understand or don't is something I have strived for them to do for many years. I have asked them to reach out to their teachers, either through email or in class when they see them. However, on their virtual days if I can't answer their question, I remind them to email their teacher and move on to something else until they hear back from their teacher. I have shared with them how to email their teacher because there have been times they have written their entire email in the subject line! Please see the picture below.

5. GET OUTSIDE: It's not good to sit in front of a device all day. In the schedule we created, there is a time for lunch and getting out of the house. Whether that is riding bikes or walking the dog, get up and outside! We have talked about good pause points. They've completed an activity, but maybe not all the work for that class, that's a good stopping point to get up and stretch or move.

6. DO VIRTUAL ATTENDANCE: Last but not least, remind your students to log into Infinite Campus and complete their virtual attendance for each class, each day that they are virtual. Each night at dinner, I have that conversation and remind them they need to log in if they forgot during the day. We have several students who are being flagged for attendance issues only because they are forgetting to log it. Develop a system, set a reminder in Google Calendar or on their phone to complete this simple task each day so that their attendance can be counted accurately.

I hope my reflections can help in some way!

A few more things to be noted:

i-Ready Info

You play a critical role in your student’s success with i-Ready this fall. Visit the Family Center for more information on i-Ready and how you can motivate your student at home:

i-ReadyCentral.com/FamilyCenter. Your student is supposed to be completing iReady lessons every week so this is something that you can ask them about. We just finished the diagnostic testing this week so moving forward, please talk with your student about their iReady progress.

We will be holding VLA item pick up this Saturday, Sept 26th from 10:30 am - 12:30 pm at Lakeview Junior High. This is for all VLA students. Included is a novel for ELA and art supplies if you are enrolled in art this trimester. If you are unable to make item pick up, please contact your home school to make arrangements.

Wednesday school

In an effort to maximize the learning opportunities for our students on our in person learning days, PLSD is offering Wednesday School as a form of alternative discipline for students on a case by case basis. Students who are assigned Wednesday school as a discipline resolution by their administrator, will be set-up with transportation and given notification of the consequence the Friday before their scheduled Wednesday school. The program will run from 8am to 11am and begin on September 30th, if needed. Please reach out to your building administrator with any questions! *Please note that teachers will not be available to students during this time.

Beth Richardson


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Please Check Your Student's Attendance on Virtual Days

Student participation on virtual days is a mandatory expectation for all students. Classroom work is posted on Google Classroom by your student’s teachers. Student participation in classroom work is tied to student attendance.

We believe the majority of log in issues with Infinite Campus have now been resolved. Students must log into Infinite Campus for their attendance and Google Classroom daily. They can login to Infinite Campus once and do their attendance for the entire day so they do not need to login multiple times. If your student is unsure of how to post his/or attendance on virtual days, please watch this "how to" video: Virtual Attendance Video.

If they cannot login to Infinite Campus, please reach out to their school counselor, Kris Owen (kris_owen@plsd.us) - 7th grade and Courtney Smooth (Courtney_Smoot@plsd.us) - 8th grade.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.


Please check your Infinite Campus Parent Portal communication settings to ensure you are receiving all the communication updates. At times, if there is sensitive material that must go out, Mrs. Richardson will personally send out an email with Priority Notification. To ensure you are receiving all of our communications, please see the following instructions below. You can also click on the link to see step by step pictures.

1. In your parent portal, click on the PERSON ICON

2. Click on SETTINGS


4. Check each box to receive notifications (PLEASE MAKE SURE "PRIORITY" IS CHECKED)


Just a reminder, any student who received an Incomplete (INC) last spring during the building closure needs to turn in completed work to their former teacher by 9/30 to have those grades changed to Passing (P). If this is not done the grade will change to an F for that trimester.


September 25-DEADLINE to purchase the Technology Protection Plan

September 26-ONLY Virtual Learning Academy (VLA) STUDENTS

Supply pick up at Lakeview from 10:30-12:30

SEPTEMBER 30-Just a reminder, any student receiving an INC last spring during the building closure needs to turn in completed work to their former teacher by 9/30 to have those grades changed to a P. If this is not done the grade will change to an F for that trimester.

October 7-VLA Pictures-see info below

November 17-Picture Retake day for Cohort A

November 19-Picture Retake day for Cohort B

Dr. Briggs: What are the facts about the Pickerington Schools' ballot issue?

In Dr. Brigg’s latest Plan for Progress (P4P) Promise blog post, he shared the facts about how the Nov. 3 ballot issue seeks to address the district's growing enrollment. You can also find out how bond issue passage will affect the student population, individual buildings and facilities across the district by watching a unique “show-and-tell” video on our bond issue info webpage.

The voter registration deadline is October 5 - to learn more about how to register or update your registration, visit www.VoteOhio.gov

PLSD's Plan to Address Enrollment Growth

With enrollment projected to grow by more than 1,000 students in the next five years, Pickerington Schools - PLSD is moving forward with plans to address facility needs as outlined in our Plan for Progress. Superintendent Dr. Chris Briggs has more on the district's plan for the future.
PLSD's Plan to Address Enrollment Growth
September 15th through October 15th is Hispanic Heritage Month. In 1968 Hispanic Heritage Week was signed into law under Lyndon B. Johnson. 20 years later, the week was expanded to encompass an entire month. Sept 15th is significant because it marks the beginning of the dates of Independence for many countries in the Americas. During National Hispanic Heritage Month, Ridgeview will highlight the contributions of Hispanics and Latinos as well as trivia!

Parent Communication Page-Weekly Classroom Information

In an effort to reduce the amount of emails that you are getting from the school, we have created a Classroom Information page off of the Ridgeview website. Every week by 8:40 am, the teachers will have their lesson plans for that week posted. This way, families have all the information in one location (you just need to know which team/teachers your student has). We suggest bookmarking this page so that you can easily access it. This is a work in progress so please be patient as we make sure we have the correct documents linked.

Please check this page to find weekly classroom lesson updates.

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VLA Pictures on October 7

PLSD is offering VLA student the opportunity to have their picture taken for the 2020-2021 school year. Whether you want to purchase a picture package or just have your photo taken to appear in your building yearbook, we encourage you to schedule an appointment. Please use the following link to schedule a time to have your student(s) photo taken.


Pictures will be take in the HERITAGE ELEMENTARY CAFETERIA

If you are ordering you must place the order on-line. To order go to www.inter-state.com

The order code is 53095DA

Sign Up Now for All Athletic Seasons!

Parents, you are able to sign up for ALL SEASON's sports online. This will enable you to start receiving communications from the coach/program when anything is going on. Winter sports are starting some open gym workouts at this time.If you sign up now, you will receive all the necessary instructions for registration / physicals / communication from the coach prior to the start of the season. Visit Pickeringtontigers.net and click on "Final Forms" to register your athlete today. Also remember your athlete needs a current OHSAA physical on file. All athletic announcements and updates can be found at the website as well.

Ridgeview's New Parent Information Hub

Click here to see the Teacher Team Websites, Athletic Website, Parent University and so much more. USE THIS AS A ONE STOP INFORMATION HUB

Virtual Days Attendance Instructions-Please Review!

Please read this important information on how your child needs to submit his or her attendance on virtual learning days.

Ridgeview Values

Here at Ridgeview STEM Junior High we value being Timely, Innovative, showing GRIT, being Engaged in our learning, and Respect! Notice the letters spell out TIGER! Click on our behavior expectations, and please take a moment to look over and review with your student(s).