Outeract Side High School

A public charter school emphasizing useful outdoor skills

Mission Statement

The mission of Outeract Side High School will enable students to reach their full potential by learning and interacting in an outdoor, stress-free environment about not only core classes, but also multiple different outdoor skills.

What Outeract Side High School teaches

OSHS is a college prep and career prep school because it teaches both curriculum classes and career skills. The focus is outdoor skills because the school teaches mainly outdoor skills. It will be located just outside of a major city and also near a national or state park. Students will learn their subject by interacting with their peers and teachers in order to understand the material, as well as doing hands-on activities

Traditons and Bell schedule

OSHS has big extracurricular days and people throw the principal in the lake if testing goes well. The students at my school will have 8 minutes to transition between each class and and they will have 4 classes each day and we will have the similar block schedule that Peachtree Ridge High School has with 4 blocks a semester.