Rio De Janeiro Water Pollution

By: Mackenzie Unruh

Water Essentials

All living organisms need water to survive. A large percentage of Earth is water. 98% of water is saltwater. However, salt water cannot be used for drinking water because it contains too much salt. Drinking this water can be very dangerous. In some cases, it even causes death. There is actually a very small amount of freshwater. Only 2%. Of that 2%, most of it is out of reach or frozen. Freshwater is mostly used for farming. Smaller amounts are used for household needs (10%) and industrial purposes (20%).

As Earth's population increases the demand for freshwater also increases. More people means more basic goods such as food and other materials. Also, Earth does not have an unlimited supply of water. Many of our water sources are running out. We are also wasting a lot of water because we have inefficient drain systems. Our water sources are also being polluted by human feces and harmful chemicals. In some areas of the world, the pollution is so severe it causes death.

The continued practice of burning fossil fuels is having a harmful effect on the environment. Extreme drought due to climate change is resulting in a large loss of life. An increasing demand for freshwater has lead to conflict between countries.

Water is the foundation of all life. Without it, life as we know it would cease to exist.

Rio 2016 Olympics Water Pollution

Sewage and other things are polluting the Guanabara Bay. The sewage dumped has affected the ecosystem of the bay. The contamination has killed many animals and their remains have been found in the water. The main animal killed have been fish, but there have also been pigs and dogs found. The cleanup process is also taking lots of time and some say that the deadline will not be met.
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Thousands of dead fish have washed up on shores of the Guanabara Bay. Some say this is because of all the pollution in the water.

The Sick & The Angry

After falling in the water, some Olympic sailors have gotten sick. Other have gotten sick just because of the smell. Also, the bay is now off-limits to swimmers. The big pollution problem has also made many people angry with Rio. They say nothing is being done to help the pollution issue.
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Many different kinds of trash pollute the Guanabara Bay. Most of the pollutants are people's trash from their homes.

Big Money Clean-Up Project

Lots of money will have to be spent to clean up the Bay. An estimated 3.8 billion dollars would have to be spent to get everyone to have sewer systems. Though this is a lot of money there would be no more sewage in the bay. Some other options for cleaning up are ecoboats and ecobarriers. There are also some people who say that the bay will not be cleaned up in time for the Olympics. There has been many problems preparing for the 2016 Rio Olympics and there might not be enough time to clean it all up.