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Mykia Smith 2a (RUCKER PARK SET UP)


RJ was killed, and as a solution I would not have him killed in the first place. As a main character he should not be killed because it left the story unfinished in my opinion.


I would remove Hamiliton, which is one of the referees. During the whole book he didn't have such a big role, and the book would remain the same. The author of the story made me view him as someone not important, and when he was shown he was a bad character, from reffing at a game at rucker park and he was favorting different sides (Fat Anthonys Team).

Fab Five Favs

*"This is where you always wanted to be, with everything ridin' you"*

R.J father said this to Mackey because he just know mackey had something to do with R.j. death there to close for him not to no what happen and he is acting a little wire.

*"What, you wanna be someones hero now?"*

green said why be a hero for a lose of ball then be a hero to a lose of friend he wanted to see if he had the guts to tell.

*"I hope its just a game people remember for the action on the court, not for what happens on the side."*

Its foreshadowing a little bit because r.j. is not dead yet its just a little before the court action

*"He's nothing but plastic underneath, but I guess I always knew that."*

he knew all along that the championship trophy was plastic all along

*"And I know if theres a close call, it wont go your sons way."*

This is foreshadowing because he kept ssaying if it a close game it cause my son is not having a good game cause im not there to watch

Best Seller/Discount Shelf

Over all this was a very good book it was very interesting and always kept me wondering what was going to happen next. If you love dram and mystery I strongly recommend you to read Rucker Park Setup. through out the story there was a lot of emotional feeling going around that might put you in your feelings. Mackey was very emotional about what happen to his best friend. He blame his self for everything that happen and was scared that everything was going to come to the light and hunt him. Mackey thought it had already started to hunt him he couldn't look at strove in his face or eye to eye. Even though strove already know he had something to do with R.j. death just by the way he was acting. After going through other people response about the book every body felt the same. It was a good book interesting and well recommend for others to read. I think the main ideal or moral of the story is think before you do and think about every outcome don't just jump to something with out thinking it over.

Face to Face

Q:when coach green brought the money sing flower to the funeral what was going through your mind?

A: I was beyond shocked when I seen him walk in I could almost cuss him out and yell get out and take those damn flowers with you but I kept my cool for certain reason.

Q:How do you feel that you are the cause of R.J death?

A: I feel really horrible like that was my best friend and now he gone cause of a bet I have so much guilt in me cause part of it was behind dumb choices I made.

Q:If you could change one of your choice u made what would it be an why?

A: the best is what I want to take back if I could because I took that bet a little to far when I didn't mean things to go the way they did over a game of ball that I love playing with my best friend and now he is gone.

Q:What really made you make that bet with Anthony what was really going through your head stupid?

A: tbh I really wasn't thinking about the out come only thing that was on my mind was the money if I knew my best friend life was going to be at risk I wouldn't have made the choices I did I feel so dumb.

Q:How do you think acorn feel?

A: Same way anybody else would feel if there son was killed hurt lost don't know what to think cry every freaking thing what type of question is that.

Q:You know people think your not a true friend and you should have been the killed since u made the bet how do you feel about this?

A: I know they probably think that but they don't even know the full story so I don't care what they have to say that still my best friend gone or not he was like a brother to me

Q:Why didn't you tell acorn who killed when he asked you?

A: Are u crazy I cant tell him who did that to his son because it some what kind of my fault and his dad might kill me and the person who did it off of anger and his love one being taking from him.

Q:If you had a chance to tell the story would you ?

A: Maybe as I get older I would brake out be able to talk about it but right now I cant even function or talk about it with out crying.

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