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Words From The Counselor

Happy February! This month will be focused on kindness, self-esteem, and of course loving others.

For those of you who do not know, I am the Beulah Elementary School Counselor, Ms. Dewberry. I have many awesome things in store for BES and I want make sure you stay connected. There will be a Counselor Corner Newsletter the first Monday of each month to keep you updated.

My contact information is below; feel free to reach out anytime!

Ms. Elizabeth Dewberry, School Counselor/504 Coordinator

Office: 334-528-7775


Conference Hours: Available by
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Classroom Guidance

Developmental classroom guidance lessons are an opportunity to provide information and support to the entire student body. The goal of classroom guidance is to provide developmentally appropriate lessons in grades K-2 and 3-5. Lessons are designed based on state curriculum standards focusing on students’ academic, personal/social and career development.

January 9-13: Move Your Mood (K-2nd)

January 16-20: Coping Skills (3rd-6th)

January 23-27: Self-Control (K-2nd)

January 30-February 3: Self-Control (3rd-6th)


Group counseling is available by request of teacher, parent, or student and:
  • help students overcome issues impeding achievement or success
  • help students identify problems, causes, alternatives and possible consequences so they can make decisions and take appropriate action
  • are planned, goal-focused, evidenced-based and short-termed in nature

The next sessions will cover Anger Management, Anxiety, and Friendship. Different sessions are offered throughout the semester.


In a confidential setting, the professional school counselor employs specific counseling techniques to assist students in areas such as:

  • developing positives attitudes and behavior,
  • developing skills related to decision making and problem solving,
  • dealing with interpersonal relationships,
  • crisis intervention,
  • liason providing information and resources with school based support teams and outside agencies