My American Dream

Kaitlyn Blackwell

Definition of American Dream

The American Dream is the idea that everyone in America has an equal opportunity to achieve success and be happy with their living in America.

3 Characteristics of an American Dream

1.) Happiness

2.) Stability

3.) Independence

My American Dream

In my American Dream, I would be a nurse or a forensic anthropologist because I enjoy studies of the human body and I would like to help people. I also would like a house of my own and a family I can support with my job.

My American Dream Characteristics

My American Dream relates to the three characteristics because me having my own well-paying job would give me stability financially. Having my own house would give me independence as well as stability because I wouldn't have to depend on anyone else to live and it would be safe and solid to live in. Happiness comes in when I have a job I enjoy and a family of my own.
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The symbol for my American Dream would probably be a human body. The features of the human body interest me but more so, the body would represent my dream because in order to keep the body strong and healthy, you have to take care of it. To keep my American Dream, I'd have to keep a steady job and work hard to keep it like one does to keep their body healthy.
BONES | Fractures from "The Lost in the Found" | FOX BROADCASTING

Why I Chose the Video

I chose this video because it shows the job that interests me. I think the bones are the most interesting about the human body and the show Bones is about a very well trained forensic anthropologist and her job finding out how someone died.