Final Exams!

LaFollette High School

Reasons to be prepared

If you have a low grade in a class, your final exam grade can either help you or hurt you. You may not think that these grades matter but they do. Collages look at your grades in high school to determine if you will be appropriate for that school!

Don't be afraid to ask for help

You as a student need to study and get help from your teacher if you don't understand the subject your testing on. Teachers will almost always help you on your homework if you have questions or they will help you on a retake test if you need that also. It's their job to help and it's YOUR job to ASK for help if you need it.

Students should take these tests seriously

If you as a student are blowing off final exams by skipping school or just not trying then that's your own fault! You need to work hard to achieve your goals and try and do your best. Even if you think these are stupid, these test grades will help you some day and you shouldn't ever take that for granted.

All wrapped up

Reasons to be prepared

1. Test grades can help you or hurt you.

2. Collages look at these grades.

Don't be afraid to ask for help

1. A teacher will always try their best to help you but it is your job to ask.

Take these test seriously

1. Don't skip or blow off exam days!

2. Work hard and never give up.

3. Don't take finals for granted.

Don't be worried because You'll do fine

How To Overcome Test Anxiety When Taking Schools Test and Final Exams