Temperate Rainforest

By Will Stroup and Parker Steach

Organisms that live in the Temperate Rainforest


Temperate Rainforests are located on the west coast of North America, South East Asia, The Pacific Islands, West Africa


The Temperate Rainforest has two distinct seasons. One season is long and wet, and the other is short, dry and foggy summer. The temperature in the long season is around 32°F. The short season is around 80°F

Adaptations and How Organisms adapted due to the evironment

Animals in the Temperate Rainforest must be able to adapt to hot Summers and cold Winters. Bears have many layers of fur so they won't get cold in the Winter. Instead of storing food for winter, they hibernate. In the Summer, they have long claws to help get plants from trees and shrubs.

Tree Frog Variations

Red Eyed Tree Frog, American Red Eyed Tree Frog, White Tree Frog, Dumpy Tree Frog, Smiling Tree Frog, American Green Tree Frog, and Green Tree Frog. There are many variations of tree frogs in these rainforests so they can survive in different evironments.


The mountain lions depend on the Roosevelt Elk and the Roosevelt Elk depends on the grass and the grass depends on the sun for food.

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Number 2

We think that if a lion was added to a temperate rainforest it would eat the cougar and the deer. The bear would eat the lion.

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Number 3

If the robin was removed from the food web then the both of the worms would start to overpopulate and the bear would have to depend on the cup seed, hawk, and cougar.

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