Moons,Seasons, Tides and Eclipses

6.E.1.1 Learn more about Moons,Seasons,Tides and Eclipses

Phases of the Moon

Welcome to moon central.Here we will learn about moon phases.There is the new moon,waxing crescent,First quarter,waxing gibbous,full,waning gibbous,third quarter and waning crescent.Waxing is getting bigger and waning is getting smaller.Gibbous is showing more and crescent is smaller.The lunar eclipse length is 29.5 days.
Phases of the Moon


Rotation is when a planet turns all the way around on its axis one time.The tilt on axis is 23.5 degrees.This is why we have seasons.A year is the length of time that it takes the earth to make one orbit around the sun is 365.24.The northern hemisphere is everything above the equator.The southern hemisphere is everything below the equator.The equator is the line that divides the northern and southern hemispheres.
Why do we have seasons?
Spring Tides amd Neap Tides


  • A lunar eclipse occurs at night and a solar eclipse occurs during the day.
Lunar Eclipse
  • Moon passes through the earth's shadow.
  • Total,Partial, and Penumbral lunar eclipse.
Solar Eclipse

  • Earth passes through the Moon's shadow.
  • Total, Partial, & Annular solar eclipses.

Lunar Vs. Solar Eclipse