Happenings in the Ethridge Den!

Bobcats! It's all about relationships! April 4

Coaching Model

The use of a coaching model is one strategy our administrative team will be utilizing this year as we work towards achieving our campus goals. Part of this model is for teachers to record their lesson using a Swivl device. The article below gives insight from a teacher and how she uses recorded lessons to improve instruction in her classroom.

Home Stretch

We are in the home stretch team! With the end in sight, do keep a watchful eye on students during recess, in hallways, cafeteria, gym, classrooms, EVERY WHERE! This is the time of year when discipline referrals increase so please continue to provide family Friday activities each week in which students practice cooperation with others and caring for their family members.


Please remember that attendance must be taken daily at 10 AM, not before this time. We have recently received absence notes from parents, however, the student was not marked absent in Skyward for the day. Please make sure that daily attendance is accurate as our funding is directly effected by attendance records.


Many of us are aware of the benefits of incorporating kinesthetic learning into classroom instruction, As the author of the article below writes, "Everybody has probably experienced the effectiveness of this style of learning. No matter how many years it has been since you learned, most people can still ride a bike and swim across a pool. I am able to play piano pieces that I once knew, and I remember the moves to dances I performed when I hear the music. Yet I can no longer recite the capitols of all the states or the elements in the periodic table -- all information that I had memorized. No matter how much we memorize, recite, and study, our muscle memory seems to trump our brains alone. We learn best when we combine mind and body. So let's use our bodies to their fullest advantage and bring kinesthetic learning into our classrooms."

The picture to the right highlights Ms. Joyce's class using movement to create a human clock while learning to tell time. Great job Ms. Joyce!


School wide tutoring is back in full swing! Thanks to all the teams who updated the tutoring spreadsheet in the Ethridge Google Drive and sending new counts to Ms. Shine.

Requesting Feedback

While in Ms. Sopo's classroom, I noticed her students using a classroom aid to request feedback from the teacher using old CDs which I thought was so clever. Marzano's research on high yield strategies states that corrective, timely, and specific feedback to a criterion can yield a 23% gain in student achievement. If you are using another creative strategy that allows students to request feedback from the teacher, please share!

Thankful For:

A great week of STAAR testing!!!!! Thanks to all for the support you provided so that our students could shine on testing days!

PLC Schedule


All PLC time goes back to 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade for the weeks of April 4, April 11, April 19,

April 25, and May 2. These teachers will keep their students for this time in an effort to prepare for STAAR.

For this duration of time, 1st grade will switch PLC days with 3rd grade, moving from Monday to Wednesday.

Second will be on a field trip during their PLC time this week.

Kinder will meet with me for a brief meeting on Thursday at noon.

Ethridge Painting with a Twist

Scheduled for April 29th! Look for email!

Bobcat Prowl

Next Bobcat Prowl is scheduled for April 26th and 27th.

Sugar Reads to Kinder

A special thanks to kinder for allowing Sugar to visit and read with your students! So much fun!

This Week in the Den:

Monday, April 4:

Tuesday, April 5: 2nd Grade Field trip to Environmental Education Center; Faculty Mtg. with Dr. Hudson 3:30 in Library

Wednesday, April 6:

Thursday, April 7: 4th Grade Parent Mtg. for Pine Cove Camp 6 PM Cafeteria

Friday, April 8: Intervention Meetings During Conference Periods

Next Week in the Den:

Monday, April 11:

Tuesday, April 12: Team Leader Mtg. 3:30 Library

Wednesday, April 13:

Thursday, April 14: Spring Pics

Friday, April 15: End of Six Weeks