Mrs. Johnson's Classroom News

October 2016

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Field Trip Fun!

On October 27th we visited All Creatures Veterinarian Clinic. Dr. Bodewes and his staff did a phenomenal job of showing the students what all they do there. There were lots and lots of animals to see and pet. They even got to see how an ultrasound works to see internal organs! Not all students are in the pictures because we had to split up all three 2nd Grades to create a fourth group. Sorry!
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Halloween Fun!

Students enjoyed dressing up in costumes, eating food, playing a game, judging pumpkins, and seeing all the spooky costumes in the costume parade. Thank you to all who donated items for the party or helped out! I greatly appreciate it! With all the craziness that goes on during parties, I totally forgot to get a picture in their costumes. Here is one with their pumpkin!

Predicates and Subjects

We had fun learning about predicates and subject as we completed silly sentences that each contained a subject and a predicate!

Climb Theater

October is Bully Awareness month. Our school counselors invited Climb Theater to come and teach our students about bullying through the performing arts. The students learned about empathy and including others in play.

Math Centers

The student enjoyed engaging in hands on math centers. The centers focused on addition and subtraction skills through fun games and partner work.
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Bubble Writing

In writing, we are learning how to use transition words such as: first, then, next, after that, last, etc. To do this, the students had to write about how to blow a bubble! What a great way to have fun and learn at the same time! They loved this project...mostly because they got to chew gum at school--TWICE!!!


- Please remember that we have crazy Wisconsin weather. Be sure to send your child to school with appropriate clothing for the weather. It is getting quite cold in the mornings when they go to recess. Hats and gloves are a good idea. They have to wear jackets outside from now on. As it begins to snow, please send in mud or snow boot as their shoes get wet fast! If it snows, they still go outside whether they have snow pants or not, so PLEASE be sure to watch the weather and if it calls for even a dusting of snow, send snow pants. The nurse does not have extra clothes. It is also a good idea to send in extra socks and gloves in case your child's get wet. I try to dry them on my heater between recesses, but they don't always get dry fast enough.