July Dresses Newsletter


Quality Control and Fit News

Style Differences between Orignal Product and Re-Stocks

Lately I have been coming across many re-stocks that have style differences. This issue severly affect the customer. They order one item on the site and receive a completely different item. One major VP this month was from Hell Bunny with this issue. We have received a complaint from a very upset and unsatisfied customer after receiving the re-stock of this style. As you can see from the photos I have added below there are quite a few differences. I also have listed the differences between the new and re-stocked style. Please make sure if you are approving of any style changes with the vendor before hand to notify me so I can be aware of these changes. Also leave notes in Admin. and/or Sourcing stating the specific changes that will be made to the garment. This will greatly aid us in avoiding any confusion and getting our costomer's the correct product.

Vendor to Watch: Peaches Love Cream

We have been receiving many dresses from this vendor that have been coming in with slight issues. Whether is embedded threads or stains this is definitely a vendor I will be watching out for.

Vendor Problems

Breakdown for July

Cancelled – 4


FIT – 5

Quality – 16

Over Shipment – 12

Short Shipment – 28

Compliance – 2

Wrong Color – 2

Wrong Style – 5


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June vs July

As you can tell from the graph below things do in deed look a bit better. For starters, we are now successfully separating quality from fit issues in our spread sheet so it is a lot easier to document. Even with the separation of fit and quality we STILL would not be near the numbers for quality we had last month! Which is fantastic!

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I have supplied a graph which indicates what we have been receiving the most problems when dealing with compliance issues.

Please keep in mind that the following graph is not just for dresses. It involves all categories that we have discovered problems.

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Care ModStylist Feedback

Frequent Customer Requests

  • Longer lengths
  • Petite sizes
  • Tall sizes
  • Styles that will cover bra straps and their backs
  • A service and selection like www.eshakti.com
  • More styles influenced by the 1950-60s

Customer 'buzz' topics this month

  • Guest for a wedding looking for an outfit
  • 1920's and 1960's themed event outfits
  • Bridesmaid dresses
  • Starting to look for back to school wardrobe
  • Starting to look for Homecoming/school dance dresses

Recurring Customer Complaints

  • Dresses are too short
  • Maxi dresses are too long for those under 5'7"
  • Not interested in dresses with cutouts

Customer Quotes

"Although the empire waist seems to be a nearly universal cut for plus-sized women, it's far from universally flattering. If a woman has anything of a tummy, and an awful lot of us do, putting the waistline above the natural waist emphasizes it rather than minimizing it and makes us look like we have much bigger stomachs than we actually do. Even on those women who look good in empire waists, the effect of this cut is to hide the body. Let us shout out that we're plus-sized and proud of ourselves and our bodies just the way they are. Give us clothes that celebrate our beautiful curvy bodies rather than hiding them!

The plus-sized woman's world isn't any better off ModCloth. Empire waists abound, as if our greatest focus should be on hiding ourselves rather than looking chic. I'm pleading with you to do something different. Accomodate our larger breasts and allow a longer fabric length in the chest to permit a given dress's waistline to sit more at the natural waist rather than riding up. Call for the waistlines of the plus-sized dresses your wonderful indie designers are creating for you to fall where a woman is thinnest rather than in the middle of or just underneath her ribcage. Give us clothing that celebrates us rather than covering us up and dresses that show that we have a waistline about where other women's waistlines are. If anyone can help change the fashion world's mind about us, it's ModCloth. We don't need to hide ourselves; we're just fine the way we are. Our clothes should help us demonstrate that. Thank you.”

Coming Soon...

If you are anything like myself, when returning something online, you just follow protocol. Follow the instructions, maybe jot down a comment saying why I'm returning in a comment box or even on the invoice itself! We have found a way to make sure those customers voices are heard!

Returns is doing some great work by keeping track of what customers are saying on their end. We are hoping that by next months newsletter there will be enough information to convey to all of you!

Megan Reinecker & Justin Ochendowski are starting to compile information that we all would love to know. They are making it a heck of a lot easier to track what styles are being returned(and for what reasons); what vendors we are seeing a bunch of returns for; and generally great feedback that we could use!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this addition to the newsletter let myself(Rikki), Megan or Justin know!

We are all ears!

We thought we would give you a little extra cuteness to look at this month! Meet our pets that can't help but bring smiles to our faces!

Below each of our (cute) individual pets are our emails. Questions, comments, or concerns, we are here for anything!