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Acton Weekly Update 4/18/19

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Weekly Collaboration Schedule

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Coach's Corner

Thank you to Lindsey and Becky for their great work at the CFA workdays this week. We all worked really hard to get the first quarter planned. We are almost done! We will share the yearly and quarterly pacing guides with 1st and 2nd sometime in May.

Coaches will also be working on tweaking next year's cycles and assessments for 3-5 based on their feedback.

For all staff, you DO NOT have to do any end of year Guided Reading assessments; this includes running records for the students in your GR table group. You have WAY too many things going on right now. Next year, the expectation will be that all assessments will be done 3 times a year. We do still want you to pass along any running records you have already completed to that student's next year's teacher.

I have linked three PowerPoints that give great ideas for station choices. If you scroll down on the last 2 links you can watch a video from Nadine about some fun choices for your kiddos.

Work on Writing

Word Work

Read to Self

Building Updates

Q4 Midterm grading window is now open, scheduled to close for teachers on 4/24/19 at 5pm.

Please let Jayne know if you can play on our staff team for the staff versus students kick ball game.

Don't forget to turn in YOUR READING LOG on Monday!

PLEASE keep an eye on our girls primary restroom. Although, we've now had an incident in the main hall bathroom. Teachers please talk to your girls about not making a mess in the stalls. I may come around to primary rooms to talk about bathroom behaviors. Do not let students go to the restroom alone. Please monitor when students leave your room and just take note if someone has been in the restroom a little longer than normal. Thanks

Don't forget to fill out our volunteer appreciation form so we can buy the correct amount of gifts for our volunteers.

Volunteer Form

May 20th is the due date for your PIVOT goals.

Counselor's Corner

April Students of the Month for RESPECT

Please fill out your students for respect by April 24.


Pro-ACT Training

Training #1 Recap

I plan to share my notes after each training. Here are highlights for Session #1.

BIG Ideas:

1. "The only person we expect you to have control over is you."

This was a great reminder that no one is expecting us to change deep rooted behaviors in kids or be able to control kid's outbursts. We have influence and keeping ourselves calm helps us maintain that influence.

2. "Use your self control plan."

If you are triggered by a student (and I was this week), it is normal and OK. Please use the radio if you need a break to get back to composure or if the student needs to come out of the room for a break. People who have a plan are less likely to get injured or injure a kid.

3. What happens when the Primary Plan is not working?

Creating a Behavior Intervention Plan is step one for primary plan. These are students we should start a behavior SOS for so we can develop a plan. Hillary Reid will be working to train the CORE team on how this should look.

4. We have to know what we believe about behavior.

Make a list. Those beliefs impact how we approach a student. We need to respond in a planned way rather than reacting. The staff that knows the kid best should be interacting with them. Primary Plan may involve crisis team member switching places with general ed. teacher so the teacher can de-escalate the child.


Think about a kid you have. What are their needs?

Behavior is an attempt to meet needs. We plan to change the behavior by addressing the student needs through an FBA or BIP. When implementing strategies, we have to give them time before switching to new ones.

Conscious Discipline

Brain Smart Start Video Training

Counselors are looking to share Brain Smart Start videos to use for training purposes.

Please let me know if you would be willing for me to film your Brain Smart Start to be used and seen by other buildings. Thank You

Brain Smart Start

Thank you for all of your hard work this year implementing the Brain Smart Start as we explored the first level of Conscious Discipline. In May teachers will receive The NEW Conscious Discipline book, the Conscious Discipline Brain State Poster Set, and Seven Skills Poster Sets.

Important things to keep in mind as we approach summer break and think about next year:

1. Implementation of Conscious Discipline takes time, so we are purposely going slowly so we have consistency across the district and across grade levels here at Acton.

2. The expectation is for ALL classroom teachers to begin EVERYDAY with a GREETING at the door AND all 4 Components of the Brain Smart Start. (I think we are doing awesome!)

3. Our next Conscious Discipline items we will be adding are:

(1) Starting the year developing a Friends and Family board for your classroom

(2) Safekeeper Ritual: We will get the supplies

(3) Developing a Conscious Discipline Safe Place

4. In August we will be rolling out Rituals, Routines, Wish Well and Teachers will receive video trainings.

5. If there are any parts of the BRAIN SMART START you are uncomfortable with or need some help with, PLEASE reach out to me before the end of the year so I can come and model or assist you. We are expected to start the school 19-20 school year rolling with the Brain Smart Start with fidelity.

PBIS Central

Click here for anything and everything Acton PBIS.

Ohana Calendar


DIBELS Progress Monitoring-RED Students

Kindergarten Registration

Monday 4/22/19-

  • ILEARN 3rd and 4th
  • Skating Party
Tuesday 4/23/19-
  • AM Collaboration- Team Planning

    • ILEARN 3rd and 4th
Wednesday 4/24/19
  • AM Collaboration: ProAct Training with Hillary Reid

Thursday 4/25/19

  • ILEARN 3rd and 4th
  • Kindergraten Field Trip
  • Principal's Meeting at Central Office
  • Evening Kindergarten Registration

Friday 4/26/19

  • ILEARN 3rd and 4th
  • Midterms Posted

Coming Soon:


26 Post Midterms



29 DIBELS Window Opens

30 AM COllaboration: Team Focus or Guided Reading Planning


1 AM Collaboration: Pro Act Training

2 4th Grade Southern Indiana Field Trip; 1st Grade Field Trip / Julie’s Retirement Party 4-5:30




6 Emergency Drills (PBIS PM?)

7 AM Collaboration: Team Focus/ Guided Reading Planning, PTO Meeting

8 AM Collaboration: Pro Act Training Sarah’s Baby Shower after school


10 1st grade DIBELS Coverage Day



13 2nd grade DIBELS Coverage Day

14 AM Collaboration: Team Focus/ EOY Collaboration; Kindergarten DIBELS Coverage Day; Kindergarten Open House 6-7 PM

15 AM Collaboration: Team Focus/ EOY Collaboration;Million Minute Luau’s during RA times, Primary- WACS assessments, Turn in Class Placement lists, Textbook money and Media Center Items

16 5th grade Field Trip

17 Assembly: Indy Air Bears; 5th grade after school Jam



20 Field Day

21 Field Day Make Up Day/ EOY Celebration Practice during RA

22 Awards Day 1,2,3

23 Awards Day k,4,5, Report Cards completed in IC by Noon LAST DAY OF SCHOOL

24 Teacher Record Day-Transcripts in Cum Files and Summer letters completed, addressed and placed in mailing bundles.

FTCSC Hedgehog Focus

The Hedgehog Concept is based on an ancient Greek parable that states, "The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing." ... Hedgehogs, however, simplify the world and focus on a single, overarching vision, which they then achieve.

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