Save a Tree thats the Key

A tree saved is a breath of fresher air

It is healthy for our ecosystem

Trees help clean the air you breath, especially since we use all these things that create pollution in our environment like cars. They can also save you in air condetioning because if your house is in the shade of trees it will be less hot. Save a tree breath fresher air.

Help, recycle

You can help save trees in little ways like recycling. Use the front AND back of a paper before you use a new sheet. Before you grab a blank paper for notes in class, grab a paper that has already been used and write on the back. In little ways you can help minimize the amount of trees being cut down.

Plant a tree

Help your community by having fresher air by planting a tree in your front yard or school or anywhere you able to. People dye from the lack of oxygen not from having oxygen.