Data Sources Product Manager

at Windward

Job Description

The data in the maritime domain is vast, fragmented and extremely unreliable. Windward's unique data platform takes data from disparate sources, analyzes and organizes it, and makes it accessible, for the first time, for decision makers across industries.

As Windward's Data Sources Product Manager you will be responsible for identifying and obtaining relevant data sources to address the company's various data needs and integrate them into Windward's core data platform. This role combines market research, business development and product management skills.

Apply if:

  • You love understanding data and thinking of ways to solve the world's problems using data
  • You can find things that are hard to find and get things that are hard to get
  • Your network can connect you to anyone on the planet within days
  • Have at least 2-3 year of experience as a product manager (inbound)

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Windward is a maritime data and analytics company, bringing unprecedented visibility to the maritime domain. Windward makes maritime data accessible and actionable, for the first time in history, from flagging criminal threats at sea to identifying new market trading opportunities.

Windward’s data and insights are in wide use by Intelligence, Security and Law Enforcement Agencies worldwide. Windward is now bringing the same unique data and insights to the world of Finance, giving traders, investors and analysts access to a gold mine of untapped market opportunities.

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