Tonight's the night! The April capsule collection, Timeless Treasures, launches tonight at 10 pm EST! Get registered for the launch call below (9 pm EST) to get the 411 on all of the new pieces coming to your boutique, including C+I's first-ever watch, new Tresors that will expand your boutique's price range, and new dainty silver styles!


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I am bringing back an oldie but goodie!!! Welcome to #MerchieBingo! Here's how it works:
1.) Comment with a date and which square you completed.
2.) Once you have filled a line - Shoutout #BINGO to put the pressure on your teammates!
3.) First #HauteHustla to announce #Blackout wins a fabulous Prize pack!!!

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As already mentioned, tonight's Timeless Treasures launch includes some of our best price points EVER for our customers as well as long-requested dainty silver and charm options! That means that in addition to the customer retention (repeat customers) launches consistently create, you have an increased opportunity to acquire NEW customers! Make sure you are sharing your excitement on social media to get your network anticipating tonight's launch, and make sure to shop the new collection so you can show off your boutique's newest beauties while on the go! While these simple strategies will increase awareness of what you have to offer your clients, you will also want to create a focused and intentional launch plan. Check out my best tips below to maximize the launch in the most time-effective and sales-producing ways:


I love to do launch bulk orders! Launches naturally cultivate excitement in your network - who doesn't love something shiny and NEW?! It is in your best interest to capitalize on that excitement by creating urgency to shop. Offer a bulk order for your local customers (or multiple bulk orders for different locations - think work bulk order, book club bulk order, gym bulk order, etc.) to encourage them to shop the new collection this week. I would suggest introducing the bulk order offer TONIGHT and giving customers until Friday (payday for many) to submit their orders to you. A bulk order will help your customers save on shipping and sales tax, and don't forget about all of those styles that are eligible for volume pricing!


Let's face it. Online sales can be hard, and often time consuming. What can you do to give your customers added incentive to shop online without investing more of your time or money than necessary? An online mystery hostess event may your ticket to success! Keep your event short, sweet, and to the point. Create urgency by giving guests a deadline to shop in order for their purchase to go toward those hostess incentive prizes! Remember to enter an alternate email of your own as the hostess for your event. This will allow all of those hostess rewards will be generated, so you can raffle them off to your guests! For my best mystery hostess event tips, schedule a coaching call ;) but always remember that the secret sauce to any online event is to make it as personal for your guests as possible!


The absolute BEST and unrivaled time investment in your business will always be in-person pop-ups! There is such a difference between seeing pictures of our jewelry, and seeing it in person. Whether your pop-up is hosted by a friend, you're hosting your own, or you're participating in a larger event or partnership, three hours of in-person sales will almost always generate more productivity than three hours of general social media posts! (Again, the more personal you can be with pop-up guests online or in-person, the better the results!)


These new personalized pieces are going to be HOT for Mother's Day! Don't forget that there are going to men in need of shopping assistance! Any mom would love these sweet sentimental pieces, and any guy would be lucky to have your help with making that happen! You can also offer to curate a personalized Mother's Day set for a group of family members shopping together!

These new styles truly mean that your boutique will have something for everyone, and I promise you that if you can get them in front of your network they will eat it up!

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