BCHS Staff Newsletter

January 17, 2016

Week in Review

I was very happy with how productive our PD was on Friday! Great job by every single one of you staying focused on finding ways to improve our daily instruction for our students.

Couple of Reminders from the PD:

  1. Remember to be thinking of a unit, that you will be teaching in the 3rd marking period, for your SLO. If you have questions or concerns about this please come see me. All of you have a paper copy of the template, and I have emailed you a copy (if you prefer to type it in). We will have a staff meeting on Tuesday, January 26th to talk about these a little more and see where everyone is at.
  2. We need to be using our PSAT and M-STEP data to drive our instruction the next three months. Find those gaps where we were low and make them your focus. Also, take the time to familiarize your students with the style of testing/questions before the test. I have already heard many of you say it is just the way the test asks the questions that is one of our biggest problems.
  3. Ipads & Apple TV's--Keep working these in to your lessons on a daily/weekly basis. I showed you the simple multiplication app game that I did with my 4th/5th/6th graders the past few years. I just made that up on my own and it worked. There were many times I tried something, and it didn't work. Don't be afraid to say, "I tried it, and it didn't work." I would much rather have that than for you to not include it at all. If you want more ideas or have a topic and don't know how to incorporate the "tech side" let me know.

If you get a chance after school, stop by the Robotics' room. Those kids are doing some really cool stuff. The other day there were about 4 girls working on the chaise and 5 boys working on programming. Our mentors are putting in a lot of time to help make this program a success, and greatly appreciate all their help. Right now we have Lori, Roy, Jim, Russ, Ron, Bruce Blow, Kelsey Kneebone, and Jim Kneebone doing most of the mentoring, however, we can always use any help from the rest of you that might want to get involved. Most of you are probably well aware, through my newsletters and talking with me, that we (as a building and district) need to find and support these types of opportunities for our kids. I think the STEM classes/programs are essential as we prepare our kids for the new science standards and their journey (college or job force) after high school. We had approximately 30-35 parents at our Robotics' Parent Meeting last week, and I can tell you they are as excited as the kids!

Elementary STEM article from The Brown City Banner

End of Semester/Marking Period & Exams

We are down to one more full week before we enter Exam Week. I have heard back from just about half of you regarding devices for exams. I am going to be putting together a schedule this week for devices/sign-out labs for exams. If I don't hear from you by the end of the day on Tuesday, I will not be including you in the schedule for devices. My plan is to make sure everyone is accommodated. I will get Sean a final number of what I will need each day (of exams) to help us with any hours that require more than we have.

Student Learning Objectives

Be working on these over the next couple of weeks.

I would like the following at the start of the 3rd marking period:

  • Chapter/Unit you will be using
  • Template completed
  • Assessment (just pre-assessment due)
  • Main Standards in the unit/chapter

The following will be turned in after your pre-assessment

  • Spreadsheet with student names, pre-assessment score, student growth target
  • Brief analysis of how your lessons will be designed to meet the low areas of the pre-assessment

The following will be turned in after the post-assessment

  • Assessment
  • Same spreadsheet as before with final score and if student met their growth target

I forgot to mention this the other day, Wendy pulls many of her resources on SLO's from Ohio and Rhode Island. So if you are looking for some good resources both of their Department of Educations have materials online.


SLO Artifacts

Big image


Big couple of weeks with grades. Make sure they are updated for parents, students, and myself. I will be looking this week and pulling several kids to give them a "friendly reminder" that I am paying attention, and they need to kick it in gear. I am here to help the kids and you, so they can hopefully pass their courses and not have to re-take them. If you have any student you want me to grab this week let me know.

Also, please make sure the exam study guides are accessible. I would suggest posting these to your class website if you haven't already.

Know Your Roster

Just a reminder on what I said Friday regarding students on your class roster. They are your responsibility for the hour(s) that they are with you. They should only be staying after if you have cleared it with the other teacher. They should have a pass that is seen by both teachers if they are needed in another class for some reason (example: they were absent and making up a test). It is not fair to any of our staff it you let them go because "they are done", "they are bored", "they don't like my class", etc.

The only time we should be seeing passes for other classes (except special exceptions) is during directed study.


This week's plan with PSAT Data:

  • 11th grade teachers--Look through Corinne's data and see where it impacts you. How can you use it to improve your instruction? I will work on my end to help with some of the data sorting. If any 11th graders have not linked their score to their Khan account please remind them to do this. Corinne, Audrey, Amy, Bob, Sandi, and Lou pick a day this week 1st hour when all of you can meet and let me know the day. Lou & Sandi are the only two that will need to be covered (either by Sheryl or me). Most of you have core subjects for the 11th graders, so just want you all on the same page.
  • 10th grade teachers--I will get you some time to look through your data and break it down similar to how Corinne did for the 11th graders. Katie find a day this week to have kids link their scores to their Khan accounts. Let me know if you want me to come in for this.
  • 9th grade teachers--I will get you some time to look through your data and break it down similar to how Corinne did for the 11th graders. At this time we will not link this to their Khan account.
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Upcoming Events/Reminders

  • January 18-22--Troshak Bus Duty
  • January 18--Student of the Week Troshak (9th)
  • January 18--Board Meeting @ 6:00
  • January 20--Direct Study 1st Hour

  • Week of January 25th--First Semester Exams
  • January 25-29--VanBuskirk Bus Duty
  • January 25--Student of the Week Grabowski (10th)
  • January 26--Staff Meeting @ 7:35 (SLO's and Exams)
  • January 26--6th Hour Exam
  • January 27--No Directed Study (Exam Week)
  • January 27--2nd Hour Exam & 7th Hour Exam
  • January 28--1st Hour Exam & 3rd Hour Exam
  • January 29--4th Hour Exam & 5th Hour Exam
  • January 29--End of 1st Semester, students half day. HS staff able to leave for half day if participating in graduation.
  • January 29--Team Connor Basketball game @ Marlette

  • February 1--Start 2nd Semester and 3rd Marking Period
  • February 1-2--Challenge Day
  • February 1-5--SnowComing Week
  • February 4--Neil gone AM--County Principals' Meeting
  • February 6--BC is hosting the GTC League Wresting Invitational

Homework Help Lab

Homework Help Lab will be on Tuesday's and Thursday's. Please announce this schedule to your students.

Tuesday/Thursday Mornings in Lori's new room. 7:15-8:00 am

This will cause some students to be past the double doors, but Jesse is there monitoring this and will let them up if needed. Also, any other teachers that have students coming for help in the morning, just have them let Jesse know when they ask to go up early. This will not be an issue, and I encourage you to work with your struggling students.

Tuesday/Thursday Afternoons in Library. 3:15-4:00 pm

Jarrod will be running the morning sessions and Lou will be running the afternoon sessions. Any other teachers are also welcome to help with this. Thanks.

Magic Club--Tuesdays and Thursdays

Super Smash Bros Club--Fridays

Parting Toughts

All of us here play a huge role in all of our students lives. Hopefully, it is a positive impact, however, at times it may be more negative than positive unfortunately. Whether we like it our not, we are role models to our students, and we are "dinner table discussion" for their families. Always remember that every single thing you do is being analyzed by approximately 25-30 students every single class hour. You may never know, or may not know for several years, just how much you influence a child's life.

I say all of this for two reasons:

  1. As a teacher and coach, Tony, played a huge role in my life. From the time I was his basketball manager starting in 4th grade all the way to today. It was a privilege to have played basketball for him in high school, and to say that I am a small part of the 401 victories that now hang on his Hall of Fame Banner in the gym.
  2. The second comes from a letter written by Draymond Green to Ben Wallace. This is more on the "famous people" side of it, but it shows how we (adults) make an impact on kids as high school students. Draymond's letter to Ben