June Stats

Awesome Job!

J Months - Always a Challenge

In direct selling the J months are always difficult. January, June and July tend to be slower months. But you girls rocked the house. We didn't meet the goal set by home office, but you still amazed me. As a team we did 13 parties, which is great.

I have to tell you the morning of the 30th I looked at the report and the numbers were low. Then when I looked again at 9 pm, the numbers had doubled. OMG that's awesome. I know with school a lot of people were waiting to close out parties.

So congratulations!

Who Was Parting!

Who Was Parting!

Alicia McCagg $2122.00 (3) * You beat your director!!

Stephanie Henderson $574.00 (2)

Michelle Cekala $500.00 (1)

Deborah Berry $287.00 (1)

Tangy Garrison $214.00 (1)

Melissa Mendleson $205.00 (1)

Upcoming Event

July 15 - August Inspire Released

July 16 - Cindy Chat on Marketing August

July 17 - Last day for August C & C Registration

July 23-25 National Conference in Ohio

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My Stats

PV $1681.00

Recruits 0

Team Sales $5877.00

Pay if I was a Consultant $421.00

Pay as a Director $597.31

If you want to become a Director let me know