Vivint Solar Inc.


Background Information:

- Vivint Solar Inc. was incorporated in the year 2011.

- The founders are Todd Pedersen and Keith Nelleson. The CEO is Mr. Dana C. Russell.

- Vivint Solar Inc. has no Subsidiaries.

- The company competes in the energy and solar industry.

- Chief competitors include Acuity Brands Inc., AZZ Incorporated, Chase Corporation, Energy Focus Inc., Griffon Corporation, LSI industries Inc., and Orion energy systems Inc. are just a few of the competitors of Vivint Solar Inc.

Factors of Production:

- Company products / services are installing Security systems, fire detection, Home Automation, and Photovoltaics.

- Vivint Solar Inc. employs 7,000 people.

- The Net worth of Vivint Solar Inc is 1.18B.

Financial Information:

- Vivint Solar Inc. has a gain of 6.17M - 25.26M and a net loss of 5.64 - 28.88M

- They've been steady for me in the stock market game no big deficits. Also, this company is still pretty new and just like everything it's getting used to the toughness.

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Stock Information:

- The symbol for Vivint Solar Inc. is VSLR. It trades on the New York Stock Exchange.

- In the last year, the stock prices on low were at $7.42 and on high were $18.71.

- The current price is at $10.90 which is closer to the lower end at $7.42.

- Since Vivint Solar Inc. is so new it has no stock splits.

- Vivint Solar Inc. has 4 total shares that are available for trade.

- Since its so new it has no dividends.

- Since there are no dividends there hasn't been payments for dividends.

- Market Watch has the facts and most people see the negative numbers. Right now the market says that Vivint Solar Inc. is down in numbers. People wouldn't invest in a product / company that isn't going well. While stock split history says it's a young company and in that says give it a chance.

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New Releases:

- The two articles I picked are: Solar stock selloff creates buying opportunity and SolarCity, Vivint shares fall despite rising market share.

- Any news could affect the company. It just depends if it'll be a negative or positive impact.

* The articles talk about how the stocks changed through time and how the company is doing overall. Stocks have decreased a little through time but nothing really drastic.

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- Yes, because you never know when a stock will go up. It's a guessing game just like gambling.

- We all started with $100,000 and I'm down about $2,000. I lost most of that money from Netflix and Amazon. I'm making some profit with VSLR.

- I've learning that you have to really be careful in what you put your money into and how much money you put into it. It's really hard to know in the stock market to know if you're going to be in the hole or not, but it's a part of human life.