WDM Valley Media Center

What can YOU do to study outside of the classroom?

State-of-the-art library with an inviting and comfortable environment

The VHS media center has over two dozen available desktop computers, as well as about thirty laptops open to check out, library books to take home, tables to work at, and study rooms for students looking for peace and quiet to prepare projects. Students are welcome to responsibly use these anytime during the school day!

Open daily from 7:30AM to 4:15PM

Our media center invites students to come and study! With plenty of available resources provided to students, as well as instructors who are willing to assist, the media center can be a powerful tool for working outside of class. Your needs and interests will be satisfied, and curriculum-based books/resources can be found with the help of our friendly staff!

Any more questions?

Our librarians are willing to help answer any more questions you have about the media center. If you wish to find a specific book, need help searching for credible sources, or just need to sign in to the library, visit our assistants located at the main desk. The VHS Media Center Online Catalog is also available to all students 24/7 if you'd like to reserve a book.
Page created by Jackson Moritz, student of Valley High School