That Went Fast!

Why does vacation time always go so fast? I love teaching, but it always seems my time with my coffee in a mug on my couch, instead of a travel mug just flies! I had a great relaxing holiday break. I hope you did as well! Santa was good, he's broke now, and a great reminder of why I must come back to my other 20 kids that are waiting! I can't wait to see them Wednesday and hear all of their stories.
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We had a successful Winter Party on our last day of school. The kids loved the games and crafts that parents put together for us to enjoy. They worked so hard on making their votives and snowmen an stockings. You could have heard a pin drop while they worked. The games were a big hit! I am including lots of pictures from the party. Thanks again to all who helped us!

New Goals

The kids will have a new set of goals in their binders next week. Be looking at those and working toward those goals at home as well. If your child is still working on previous goals we will continue those.

We will be tracking their reading at home goal this quarter as well. Your child will pick a certain number of nights they will practice reading and keep track. This can mean that someone reads to them, and they practice finding sight words or retelling the story, or main events etc.