MRHS Shout-Outs

Volume 6, Issue 28

8 May 2020

English Dept

Thanks for letting me be a part of your department for the Game of Games! I know I'm included often with you guys, and I really appreciate it. It was super nice to be a part of your group this week. :)


Kim Colegrove

Thanks for calling me today. <3 It was nice chatting with you. I appreciate you.


Tracy Brown

Thanks, Tracy, for going to work ON YOUR BIRTHDAY to check in books for students the other day, and for working at home to try to get chromebooks and everything else organinzed. I appreciate you!


Tiffany Hansen

Thanks for organizing and scoring all of the challenges this week! I totally lied when I told Sara I didn't care about winning, that I just wanted to be a part of it. And, win or lose, it was definitely fun. We have some creative teachers at MRHS! Thanks, Tiffany!


Tricia LaRue

Shout Out (again) to Tricia!

You once again helped me in my times of tech need, and you are always so sweet and patient and lovely. I appreciate you so much!

XO Jen Reed

Shelley Newman

Shout Out to Shelley Newman!

Thank you, Shelley, for making the Senior Grade posting and verification process so clear and easy. I hope all of this didn't make your life too much of a nightmare in the process. I sure do appreciate and miss you:)

XO Jen Reed

Jimmy Performs "Teachers' Day Song" (The Tonight Show: At Home Edition)
"Not Your Teacher" - Van Halen Parody

MRHS Shout-Outs

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