Volcanoes Everywhere!

By: Hailey Dargy, Colton Stanley, Adam Anderson


Have you ever thought about living near volcanoes? It might awesome to live near one but it can also be dangerous. Living near a volcano can be very deadly. The ash cloud, the magma, and the destruction of towns. Many people have perished during eruptions and explosions also killing animals, plants, and important valuables. It will also teach about why those places are so great. These are our most dangerous volcanoes of the world.

ITALY: Why do people live there?

Location- Have you ever thought about living in Italy? Italy has many interesting places like San Gimignano, Manarola, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Pompeii, Colosseum, Vatican Museums, and many more. Over 61.3 million people live in Italy. They made many of america's favorite foods today like pizza and mozzarella. Us Americans use Mozzarella with many things like pasta, stuffed meatballs, and many more. There are many languages Italy uses. For example, they use German, French, and Ladin. That is more than the average american! Some people may know more than 2-3 languages today. From the Alps to Sicily's beaches, there are great opportunities for leisure all across Italy. -Hailey Dargy

Tectonic Activity

On May 29th, 1983, ashes quill over Sicily, Italy. Days prior to the earthquake activity, Mount Etna erupted. The south flake of the volcano destroyed small building, restaurants, and chalets. By the time April 3rd came, lava was flowing over 2 miles long. The eruption rate was 10 cubic meters per second. Mount Etna is in the African Plate. The African plates include cratons, less stable terrans, and stable block of old crust with deep roots in the subcontinental lithospheric mantle. It moves by the y because of the sea floor spreading which causes continental drift which is why it is at its current location. They came together around 550 million years ago. -Hailey Dargy

Why is it dangerous living in Italy?

Italy is slightly larger than Arizona. It is shaped kind of like a boot. When mount Etna erupts, you don’t want to be around because it could lead to death. Lave can reach up to 1500*C which is 2732*F. That is extremely hot. Normally research labs are near volcanoes so they can see the volcano before and after it erupts. So if one does start to erupt, they can tell the people. People will want to evacuate the area as soon as possible. -Hailey Dargy

Why live in Indonesia

Why live in Indonesia? Indonesia has the largest Archipelago In the world and there are about 17,000 Islands out of which 6,000 are inhabited by people. It has the largest Buddhist temple. The equator passes through Sumatra, which is a very popular tourist destination, also the climate can reach over 20 degrees celsius! In Indonesia if a person did not have rice with there food it isn't considered a meal. The most popular sports in Indonesia are soccer and badminton.

The tectonic plates of Indonesia

The tectonic plates of Indonesia. Most of these volcanoes are the result of subduction of the Australian plate beneath the Eurasian plate. The more denser plate Will move under the more thicker plate which make them break and move along the cracks. Doing this will cause the subducted plate to move in jerks which will cause it to make friction between the two plates and cause heat which heat from the mantle cause the plate to melt, which then magma is produced and rises through the cracks in the crust to form a volcano.

The dangers of living in Indonesia

The dangers of living in Indonesia. Living here would put you at risk of volcanoes, radiation from volcanoes, mudslides, and earthquakes. Also you can be injured by mud flows to. Over 96,000 people have died in Indonesia. The highest earthquake rating has been 8.6. they happen over 300 times a year. the most cost of damage was 610 million dollars.

Now that you have learned about some of the most dangerous volcanoes lets talk a little about them. Lava can reach up to over 1000*F, that is hot enough for you to die instantly. Research labs are by volcanoes to study what volcanoes do, and how they erupt. But you don’t want to be by them when they erupt. Now you have learned about volcanoes.

Why live in Chile?

Chile is a beautiful place with many breath-taking tourist attractions. The most famous by far is Easter Island, Easter Island is an isolated island with 877 stone statues handcrafted by the island’s original owners, the Rapanui. Although Easter Island is an amazing place, there are many more reasons Chile is so great. Another reason is the vibrant cities, the most popular being Santiago. Santiago is not only a city in Chile, it has been the capital since colonial times. It also has nearly perfect weather, it is warm and usually has a nice breeze to keep you cool. Taking all of this into consideration, why wouldn’t you want to live in Chile?

Tectonic activity

Although Chile is an amazing place to live, there is a higher chance for big earthquakes there. The reason for this is because it is one of the few places in the world that sits on 3 tectonic plates. The plates that Chile sits on are the antarctic plate, the nazca plate, and the south african plate; and they are all moving! There have been a few major landforms in Chile because of tectonic activity. One of them being the Andes mountains, the Andes were formed by one plate sliding under another and ‘popping up’ the plate on top. Central Valley is also a major landform, it was formed when the mountains were, as the mountains rose the Earth’s crust was bent downward forming the valley.

Why is it dangerous?

Chile is a great place to live, but can also be dangerous. With over 261,000 deaths from major events total, Chile is not a place one would want to be during an earthquake or volcano. There is also a great amount of property damage, like 29.7 billion dollars worth!There is also many earthquakes and volcanos in the Chile area, there are 105 volcanos, and about 1960 earthquakes every year.The most recent earthquake in Chile was probably just a couple hours ago!