Making a Difference

Carmel Creek February 12, 2016

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Thanks for always giving of yourselves to create spectacular lessons and for your genuine care to reach every individual student.

Happy Valentine's Weekend!

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Wow, check out our third grade math work! Thanks Mrs. Wolanin and Ms. Walker.

Mrs. Ray's class field trip reflections.

Look at all the great writing in Mrs. Shaffer's class. Thanks Mrs. Shaffer.

First Graders are also writing about habitats. Great non-fiction pictures paired with student drawings. Thanks Mrs. Eisenhower.

Happy Chinese New Year Week!

Thanks Stephanie W. for making and providing resources for classrooms to use.

What will our kinders be doing when they are 100?

TK Tinkering and Engineering... What can be made with a paper towel tube...

STREAM Lab Happenings

Our fabulous guest teachers definitely make a difference every week for us.

Thank you to our food and nutrition team.

Our new food menu has been very successful. Our child nutrition staff worked diligently to learn the new menu and adopt new procedures.
Thanks team.

Crystal Rubio

Crystal, our long term health clerk sub, has had a great first few weeks. Please stop by the nurses office and say hello.

Thanks for our student success day.

Thanks to all for being present-focused, staying child-centered, sharing your wishes for targeted intervention supports, for your patience as we walk the journey and for your sheer day to day genuine care and dedication to our children.

Wow, what amazing progress our kids have made. CC kids sure are benefiting from your teaching talents and passion for holding kids to the highest of standards.

Twitter Challenge Winners

Starbuck's coffee card winners are Angel Hastings and Kim Tiffany.
Thanks for giving twitter a try.

Thanks Foundation!

Thanks to our Foundation for the great snacks today. So generous and yummy too.

Have a great vacation week!

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