Famous Ancient Greek People

By: Sean Saliga

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The people I chose to go over were, Pythagoras, who was a great mathematician at the time, Hippocrates, who was the first official doctor, Archimedes, who was an amazing inventor, and Thucydides who is credited for being the father of time.


Pythagoras who lived from 570 B.C. to 495 B.C. was someone who possibly moved to a lot of different places when he was younger, probably seeking for knowledge. Soon enough, he actually stayed in a region at the bottom of Italy and set up a religious place for him and his followers. He had created a religion called pythagoreanism and also created the all famous Pythagorean theory which is for triangles that shows how to figure out and angle of one.


This person was an amazing figure for his time (460 B.C. - 370 B.C.). Being one of the first doctors, he made great achievements in his time. He is also known as "Father of Western Medicine". He is credited with making the Hippocrates oath which states how doctors will not use medicine in any way against someone's or anythings life. He thought how diseases were natural and not superstition of gods creating problems for them. He soon made medicine a profession and more official than it was before by having better treatments.


Archimedes is one of the greatest inventors, (287 B.C. - 212 B.C.) and one of the most known in history. He created many things including the Archimedes screw which was used to transport water more easier, there was the Archimedes claw which was used to defend against enemy ships and destroy them, and lastly the heat ray which used mirrors to try and burn an enemy's ship. Also some discoveries by him are about volume of irregular shapes, and he learned about his when he saw his own mass displace equal amounts of water when taking a bath. He soon used this method to test if a crown made by a dishonest gold smith was filled with silver. Archimedes soon used his idea to find out that the crown did indeed have silver in it by testing the density.


This person is also known as Father Of time, and is also a historian and one of the first. This person is mainly known for being credited with writing down history even though he wasn't the first, he wrote very important events down and helped us understand what happened in his lifetime (460 B.C. - 395 B.C.). Even with being credited with major important events at his time, he also was a general and a political philosopher. One important event he wrote down, was the Peloponnesian War which was the war between Athens and Sparta.