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Oakley's Outlook

I always love talking with Mr. Eddie Oakley at SCHS. His belief system on getting kids ready for the challenges they will face inspires me! Check out what he shared with his faculty this week:

Oakley’s Outlook:

Pressure is a Privilege according to Billie Jean King, who wrote a book about it. As you reach higher it seems as though you have more responsibility to achieve. This responsibility can add up and create stress or pressure. Without these challenging pressure situations, one cannot grow and achieve. It's not what you want or think you can achieve, it's what you can and do achieve that really shows how you respond to the pressure of assessments. There are times when achievement occurs because of a difficult, uncomfortable, or stressful situation. We will be putting our students in one of these situations on Tuesday with EXPLORE, PLAN and CERT testing. Be sure to express to them that these situations help them grow and achieve to their highest potential and prepare them for other assessments such as ACT, college assessments, job or career-specific assessments, etc. Their response to this pressure situation will help create the academic greatness within each of them. When giving their best effort, even if they fall a little short, lessons can still be learned. It’s through these learning opportunities that our students can constantly grow and learn not to be afraid of the pressure situations of assessments, but face the pressure and be assured that they will learn and be better off than before!!

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Your students are working, but are they engaged?

If we were honest, some of us have a class during the day where compliance is a goal. But what about those classes who are already compliant? Can you recognize when they are just being good at playing school; doing what the teacher says so they don't have to do more? Check out this article from LiteracyTA eCoach that lists three things you can do increase engagement.

Can you identify whether or not your students are engaged:

Engagement is seen when students...

  • form arguments and support their claims with strong evidence or supporting details.
  • lift individual white boards high into the air with answers to a higher level question.
  • analyze and synthesize complex ideas through speaking or writing.
  • apply knowledge to new learning experiences in class, online, or outside.
  • evaluate the validity or credibility of an idea or process.
  • work in pairs or small groups to solve problems.
  • collaborate online using 21st century tools.
  • apply scientific principles and methods to authentic research.

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Wednesday, Sep. 24th, 8:30am

801 Discovery Blvd

Shelbyville, KY

Details coming soon from Ms. Jones.

Parent Teacher Conferences (9/25/14)

As you mentally prepare to meet with parents, be ready to ask them some questions. Here are some examples from an article shared by one of our instructional coaches, Jennifer Cox.

1. What do you see as your child's greatest strengths or skills? Tell me about a time when you saw your child demonstrating these skills.

2. Next June, what do you hope your child says about his/her experience in school this year? What's the story you hope he/she would tell?

3. What was your experience like in this grade? How do you remember that year of school?

4. What are your fears or concerns about your child in this year of school?

5. How and when would you like me to be in touch with you this year? What do you hope I'd communicate with you about?

6. Is there anything else you can tell me about your child that you think would help me support his/her learning?

7. Is there a question you hope I'll ask you about your child?

Don't Take My Muffin PSA

When Leaders Model Risk Taking . . . and put it on the web!

Collins Calendar

Week of September 22nd – 26th

· Senior meetings (all day, each senior received a time to meet with a counselor)

· Mon 9/22 – Nominate homecoming court/queen candidates in English

· Mon 9/22 – U of L (Maggie Gorman, 8:30-11am), Presentation Room

· Tues 9/23 – Optional Tech Talk with Adam Watson (no faculty) 3:30-4:30, Library

· Tues 9/23 – Fall Assessment Day (Explore 8th grade, Plan 10th grade, Cert 9th and 11th grade, Senior College Visits with Ms. Gorman)

· Wed 9/24 – Club Day

· Wed 9/24 – Torchprep 6-9pm, Presentation Room

· Thurs 9/25 – Vote for homecoming court/queen candidates

· Thurs 9/25 – Parent Teacher Conferences 4-7pm

· Thurs 9/25 – Board Meeting 7-9pm, West Middle

· Fri 9/26 – Announce 2014 Football Homecoming Court, meet with girls regarding dress code, etc.

Week of September 29th – October 4th

· Mon 9/29 – Sentinel News homecoming court photo, 10:30am (send court to main office)

· Mon 9/29 – Juniors meet with Torchprep ‘Commit to Stand’ during 7th period

· Mon 9/29 – Adam Watson Presentation – Become a 21st Century Super Teacher 4-5pm, PAC (entire district invited, RSVP)

· Tues 9/30 – Academy Team Expansion (all day, academy students only)

· Tues 9/30 – Faculty, Tech Time 3:30-4:30pm, Library

· Wed 10/1 – Vote for Homecoming Queen in English

· Wed 10/1 – KIP Survey, 8th grade (teachers administering this survey have been contacted by Ms. Greenwell – see attached)

· Wed 10/1 – NKU (Maggie Gorman, 10am-12pm), Presentation Room

· Wed 10/1 – Torchprep 6-9pm, Presentation Room

· Thurs 10/2 – KIP Survey, 10th grade (teachers administering this survey have been contacted by Ms. Greenwell – see attached)

· Fri 10/3 – Homecoming practice, 9:30am (court and cadets)

· Fri 10/3 – Homecoming Court luncheon (Bell House), Cadet pizza (Presentation Room), 11:30am

· Fri 10/3 – KIP Survey, 12th grade (teachers administering this survey have been contacted by Ms. Greenwell – see attached)

· Fri 10/3 – Will operate on PM Assembly Schedule (attached) – Homecoming Pep Rally

· Fri 10/3 – Homecoming 7:30pm vs. Spencer County

· Sat 10/4 – Torchprep 10am-2pm, Cafeteria