softball game

By:Hannah Cordray

All about my softball game It all started with a ‘’swing’’ and there went into the outfield and while kicking up dirt and sprinting as fast as i could I got a double.The next swing from another player sent me running to third.Already two outs and just one left I could not believe my eyes.The player that was supposed to hit me home missed the pitchers throws and the coaches throws.I didn’t make it to home this time.we went back into the dugout and what did i know i was getting ready to play as catcher.I got the catchers stuff on and the helmet which was extremely I went out to play catcher my coach was pretending to be the catcher so my teams pitcher wouldn’t have to wait on me.As i got in the catchers postion and caugt a few balls then the reforey called out ‘’BATTER UP’’.I knew i was getting ready to catch a ball in my mit so when my teams pitcher wacked that ball out of her hand then ill be ready for it to be in my mit and not on the ground.And then i heard the hit from that player and it went close to my sister at first base.