Monday Memo

January 26, 2015

Weekly Happenings

Please see below for the spirit days and have fun with it! Students/staff may wear free dress all week with the appropriate theme EXCEPT for Thursday - all must be in mass day dress. Hats may be put on after mass.

Monday: Spirit Day - Everything black & gold! 2:30PM Clowns K-6, GR 7-8

Tuesday: Color Day -

Kindergarten: Orange

1st: Pink

2nd: Teal

3rd: Bright Green

4th: Black

5th: White

6th: Red

7th: Purple

8th: Navy

Wednesday: Backward Dress/Crazy Hair

Thursday: Crazy Hat Day and Board Game Day (bring in your favorite board games to play in the afternoon)

Friday: Pajama Day! Afternoon will be DEAR time: Drop Everything And Read! Bring your favorite (school appropriate) book to read for the afternoon. Everyone (including Mrs. Heggie, Mrs. Stager and Mr. Grima) will be reading at 1:15PM!

Iowa Results/Staff Meeting

You will find a list of Iowa Results in your mailbox with some feedback from our Associate Superintendent, Jim Abercrombie. Please take a look at your grade level and the areas that we are low in. Also, look at the grade level above you so you know what you are preparing your class for next year.

We will not have a staff meeting next week. We are at the semester, so now is a time to look back at what we've done and adjust moving forward. Instead, look at your lesson plans and your yearly plan.

  • Where are these standards being taught?
  • How often are they being taught?
  • Can we use a different strategy, way of teaching or activity/project to teach these standards that may make sense to the students we are missing?

Please look these over and send me a quick email with your findings. Let me know what you will be doing for this year to makeup the deficiencies as well as prepare your students for next year. We have a great opportunity to make huge strides this year and next!

Jim says this in the post-it on the front page:

"St Mary Rockwood - you have a real opportunity in Reading. All Reading standards are low in 2-4 grades. How are the teachers teaching these standards? Standards for Language and Writing are also low in 4th grade. I would look at the mapping for ELA and see how often these standards are taught."

Pre-K and K, you can work on planning the musical for your classes.

Lockdown Info

Just a reminder - for lockdowns, please keep the green/red signs on the exterior window only. If the lockdown is someone outside, we will put the signs on the interior windows.

Great job keeping the students out of view! If they can't be completely out of view from the door, check out Beth O'Connell's door. She has a flag that she hangs across the top of the door window that will help conceal the students.

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Emergency Classroom Bags

At this point, you should have everything in your bags listed below except a flashlight (possibly) and the emergency procedures. If you are missing anything else, please take care of it this week. Thank you!

In addition, be sure you are checking in every morning. Most of you are doing a great job remembering. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.


Below is a list of what should be in your classroom emergency bags. Please let Jocelyn know if you are in need of any of these items:

- Class lists Pre-K to 8 (in the event of a classroom being in the hallway) - Jocelyn will provide (file folder will be placed in your mailbox by the end of today)

- Medical List (file folder)

- Staff Fan Out (file folder)

- Yearbook Copy (file folder)

- Green and Red cards

- Flashlight

- Extra batteries

- An activity (book, cards, flashcards, crayons and paper, word searches, etc) to keep your students occupied

- List of school emergency procedures (Theresa will provide in the next week)

- Band-Aids

- 3 pair Rubber gloves (In Office supply closet)

*If you do not have a bag, grab one of the blue cinch sacs from the supply closet*

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