Kobe Bryant

Biography By: Jayden Bishop


Kobe Bryant was born August 23, 1978 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Kobe’s parents Mrs and Mr Bryant. Kobe has two older sisters named sharia and shaya. When Kobe was a kid Kobe’s dad played in the NBA.Kobe’s dad was a professional basketball player. His nickname was jelly bean. Joe played in the NBA during the late 1980s.Kobe used to live in Italy for eight years. Kobe learned by watching his dad playing basketball. His dad clips when he played so when they got home they watched it with Kobe. Kobe’s dad always took him to the gym.

Kobe’s Highschool career

Kobe went to Lower Merion Highschool in ardmore. Kobe worked hard and became a starter.When kobe was done with highschool he was being watched by duke, michigan, and north carolina but Kobe did not go to college he went straight to the NBA.

Kobe Bryant went to the NBA

The lakers drafted Kobe. Kobe just kept improving his game and became a starter for the lakers. Then Kobe broke a record by the most points in a game by setting 81 points in a game. Kobe Bryant foundation gives money to groups in the Los Angeles area that helps children.You can find foundations all around the NBA.

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