Night of The Twisters

by: Ivy Ruckman & Josh

Problem and Solution

The problem is that the twisters hit Dan's house and Arthur's house and they have nowhere to stay.

The solution is that they stay at Dan's grandparents house.

The problem is that Dan could not find his mom.

The solution is that they retraced Dan's mom's steps.


The beginning is happy, they (Dan and Arthur) are at a place where they swam to and Stacy and Ronny Vae (Arthur's sisters) came and said they needed a ride but Dan said "no!". So when Dan and Arthur left... Stacy and Ronny Vae followed them to the place where they needed to go. The middle is sad, there was a TON of twisters in Grand Island Nebraska (setting) and their houses were destroyed! Luckily, Stacy found them and saved them. The end is HAPPY, Dan and Arthur go back to school or art class.



The setting in Grand Island Nebraska on Jun 4th 1980, Dan's house, and the police station.