Toris Study Guide


Poetic Terms Definitions

Personification-when you make animals ideas or things do something only humans can do

Simile- when you compare two nouns using "like or as"

Metaphor-when you compare two nouns not using "like or as"

Hyperbole-figure of speech uses exaggeration statements are not literally,people make them sound as feeling effort& reaction

Theme-Central topic or subject the author is trying to point out, the authors message&main idea

Literary Non-Fiction & Fiction

How is literary non-fiction different from regular non-fiction? Well Literary Non-Fiction is a real life story and Regular Non-Fiction is textbooks facts stuff like that.

Biography- a story written about somebody's life written by another person.

Autobiography-a story written about a person written by that person.

Memoir-is a single story or a part of somebody's life

Personal Narrative-a bit of a small story or memory

(Bonus)Dairy-a book in which one keeps a daily record of events & experiences

Plot events Point of View & Tools of Reading.

What are plot events in fiction and why are they important? -They are story maps that are made up they are pieces of the story.

Point of view in Fiction-the way somebody is speaking tells there feeling.

Inference and how do you infer things?-a inference is a conclusion reaches on the basis of evidence and reasoning,infer is you infer by creating generalization and observation.

Three types of connection-Text-to-Text,Text-to-Self & Text-to-World

Why is it important to think about making connections?

How is Main Idea different from Summary?- a main idea is the main points & a summary is a statement of something.

Theme in Fiction-its the main idea plus the authors message.

How is it different than the main idea?its what the author THINKS about the main idea.


Comparative Adjectives- Compare two or things or people (ex.he is taller than me)

Sentence-That blanket is so soft.

Superlative Adjectives-compare 1 thing or person (ex.he was the tallest boy in the class.)

Sentence-Your blanket is the softest.

Irregular Verbs-it's a that verb when you change it to past tense it changes

Sentence-(Present)Mary will awake in an hour because she has to go to work.

Sentence-(Past)I awoke in the middle of the night when i heard that noise.

Prepositional Phrases- prepositions connect nouns between nouns and pronouns imagine you encounter two nouns; elephant and book you can use preposition in many ways to connect the two to express different ideas.

Sentence-(Ex.The Book about the Elephant or The book by the elephant.

Simple Sentence-A sentence that had one subject part and and one predicate.

Sentence-Ex.(The train was late-The singer bowed-The baby cried.

Compound Sentence-Contains two or more simple sentences joined by-and,or,


Sentence(Ex.John bought some new shoes "and" wore them to the party.

Subject-Verb Agreement-refers to the fact that the subject and the verb in the sentence must agree in other words they both must be singular and plural.

Sentence-(Ex.Singular-The girl reads mystery stories. Plural-The girls read mystery stories.


Drama is like a play and a book is just a story so its a story that tells who is speaking

In a story you have to look for clues to find out things that are the setting characters and plot.