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Welsh Government publish key dates for Spring term

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Cabinet minister, Kirsty Williams outlines key dates this Spring

In the latest issue of the Welsh Government Curriculum for Wales update, Kirsty Williams has outlined some important dates when key documents linked with the ongoing curriculum reform will be published. These include:

  • January - Accountability arrangements
  • February - Curriculum & Assessment White Paper
  • April (summer term) - Draft curriculum documents & classroom assessment arrangements.

To read the newsletter in full just click below to download.

The cabinet minister also announced in her plenary statement on the introduction of the new online Personalised Assessments, that school self evaluation will have a new importance in the inspection process. Ms Williams stated that Estyn is currently working on a system by which a school's self evaluation record would be accredited by Estyn and allow the school to 'buy-out' of the inspection process for a number of years. We envisage this as a form of 'remote-inspection', which will mean an Estyn approved self-evaluation record will become a highly prized document for senior leadership teams across Wales.

We look forward to hearing more details about the role of school self evaluation when both Welsh Government and Estyn respond to Professor Graham Donaldson's review of inspection, this term.

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