Student Newsletter September 8-11

ACTS 7th Grade

Tests and Quizzes

We will have a quiz in math on Friday that will be on graphing, tables, and direct variation. In ELA, we will have a Stems test on the 17th. In world geography, we will have a test on mercantilism and capitalism on Thursday or Friday. If there are any other tests or quizzes, we will notify you via email. The pretest for ELA is already out. We will not have a math prequiz as Mr. Smith will have one up for the test the following week. If you would like to receive these pretest, please look at the email from Bella about signing up.


If you have not signed up for the Quizlet class, the link is above. If you do not have a Quizlet account, it is easy to sign up. Quizlet is a website made strictly to study. You will have to request to be in our class, and if your name is hard for us to recognize, please email or tell us that you requested to join the Quizlet class.

How to contact us

Please email us if you have any questions.




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