Indus River Valley

Joshua Colon

Climate & Geography/Human Environment interaction


Indus River valley covered what is now Pakistan. Near Indus it is mountainous. It is also a dry plateau. Indus river is bordered by the Indian Ocean.


Indus si a dry plateau. Heavy rainfall came because of monsoons. Monsoons came from the Indian ocean.

Human Environmental interaction-

Indus people were very skilled with there environment. The river flowed often so the had to learn to predict when the river flooded. By knowing this there crops flourished.

Writing, Language, Religions/Belief Structures


The Indus script was developed by the indus people. They also had their own special seals.



Religious Beliefs-

Hinduism and buddhism.

Political & Social Structures

Political and social structures-

Gods, Brahmins, priests, academics, Kshatriya, warriors, kings, Vaishya, merchants, landowner), Sudra, commoners, peasants, and servants. Are the political and social structures of the indus river valley civilizations.


Accomplishments and philosophy

Invented bricks, constructed tools out of bronze, copper, and iron. Developed a measuring system and tools for measurement.


Made brick houses. Developed a measuring system.


Fall/Decline of the Indus River Valley civilizations

The indus river valley ended due to climate and migration.



Himalaya- Highest mountains in the world.

Indus River- A dry plateau

Monsoon- A seasonal wind pattern

Mohenjo Daro- Advanced civilization

Aryans- Tribal group

Caste- Born into a social group

Hinduism- Religion that Aryan people followed

Reincarnation- Souls are reborn

Karma- A reflection from a person's actions

Dharma- Divine law

Buddhism- Rival of hinduism

Siddhartha Gautama- Enlightened one.