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Keep Rowing. Keep Rowing. Keep Rowing. 1-13-2015

What's YOUR goal?

After 5 1/2 years I have been "blessed" with additional weight. Blame it on stress. Give props to a wonky schedule. Acknowledge the fact that sometimes food makes my soul feel better. Or let's be honest, I have surpassed the big 40. Regardless, it is my situation and it's up to me to address it. Right before Christmas I uncovered a picture of myself that took my breath away. I looked healthy. I looked fit. And it's clear by the expression on my face that I felt good. I thought to myself, "how in the world did I get here?" I looked at my husband and children and asked them to rid our house of anything I could be tempted by and I marched myself to Shelby Fit For Life. I have an accountability partner in my dear friend Kelly and together we devised my goal and my plan. The gym just added a rowing machine and a stair climber. Jokingly Kelly said, "I think I want to climb Mt. Everest this year." I responded, "Yeah, and I think I am going to row to Cuba." And out of a desire to reach my lofty goal of getting back to healthy Lorri, a plan was born. Every day we chart our mileage and the feet we climb. We push each other and check in. We chart our progress everyday. Our work, our progress, our plan is VISIBLE to everyone in that gym making it real for me. (By the way, I am 5 miles off the Key West shore and have climbed 700 feet).

We just concluded MAP testing. Do you know what your students current status is? Are they healthy readers? Are they fit mathematicians? Do they have to climb Mt. Everest to be on grade level? Or is Cuba in sight? How do you know? In the coming weeks I am going to be asking you where your students are and what your goal is for your classes. I am also going to be asking you about your plan. Finally, will their goals, their plan, and their progress in learning be VISIBLE for all to see?

Remember our 3 Big School Goals:

1. Every Student will be on or above grade level in both reading and math by May 2015

2. Every students will grow AT LEAST one year in both reading and math by May 2015.

3. Every student will be College and Career Ready by May 2015.

Where in the World Is Mrs. Stivers This Week?

January 13-19

Tuesday, January 13-WMS Walk-throughs and Mr. Neihof visit. Faculty Learning with Mr. Watson at 3:55ish! Be there or be in the dark!

Wednesday, January 14-WMS-walk-throughs and Mrs. Smith visit.

Thursday, January 15-WMS-walk-throughs, Data Team, PLTW visit, & MLCHS visit

Friday, January 16-WMS-Data Team and walk-throughs

Monday, January 19-NO SCHOOL

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