Maze Runnwe book talk

What do you think about the detail and description in the book so far?

Colin- A lot better than the movie

Jacob- I think details are adequate

Gavin- Theres too many details so it is a little confusing

Bharan- I think it's more descriptive in the book

How do you think Thomas will handle the situation he's in?

Jacob- I think he's brave enough to make it and not die

Colin- I think he's handling the situation he's in

Bharan- I think he's kind of scared

Gavin- I think he's tough enough to handle it.

What's his motive to figure out what's in the maze?

Colin- To figure a way out of the Glade.

Jacob- Curiosity

Bharan- I think he curious of what's in the maze

Gavin- I think he likes challenges and he wants to finish the maze

What do you think Thomas felt when he met the kids?

Colin- Puzzled

Bharan- I think he felt confused

Gavin- I think he's scared