4th Grade's Newsletters

May and June 2022


We are currently working on Geometry! Kids are exploring angles using protractors and will soon be learning all about symmetry. As we finish out the school year, we will be revisiting some of our 4th grade skills from the beginning of the year. Students will be solving word problems involving the four operations. Practice those Multiplication Facts. :-)


Students are reading The Hope Chest, a historical fiction novel about a girl that searches for her sister during the early 1900s. We are working on comparing photographs to text and also on character traits. Ask your child about what is happening in the story!


Students are composing an opinion piece called an editorial. They are choosing if they agree or disagree with continuing the Mars Space exploration program. They are learning a lot along the way about Mars Rovers too!

Speedy Science

Students have started to learn about energy and speed! Ask your students which activities they use the most energy to accomplish. As we continue through the year, students will learn about Wavelength and Amplitude, Animal Receptors and Light Reflection.

Field Day!

Field Day is May 26th! Please make sure your child dresses appropriately and uses sunscreen. They must be able to apply it themselves.

Last Day of School!

The school year has flown by and soon it will be summer. The last day of school for students will be June 16, 2022. Please be on the lookout for more information about the end of year party which culminates our wonderful 4th grade year!

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