M-Powerment Strategy #2

High Expectations

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M-Powerment Strategy #2 Highlight:

M-2 High Expectations: Teachers set high expectations for learning and believe all students are capable of achieving success.


High Expectations & Rigor

Instructional Strategy: Discussion Starters and Sentence Frames

This strategy helps students communicate their ideas either orally or written. This strategy can be a simple as students writing in one word in a blank to form a sentence or paragraph to complete ideas or more open by just giving students a sentence starter and allowing them to fill in the rest of the information. This can be a strategy that works when students need to Compare and Contrast information. This strategy can help students who struggle with getting started express their ideas and create better conversations from students that are more targeted to the standard being taught.

Instructional Highlight:

Mrs. Morris's students put Mrs. Mary Maloney on trial after reading Lamb to the Slaughter by Roald Dahl. Using only textual evidence, students had to defend, prosecute or sit on the Jury for her trial. This was an awesome way to discuss the story and assess textual evidence.

Mrs. Ketchie and Mr. Crew's classes created debate posters also after reading Dahl's short story and used the textual evidence each group placed on the poster to debate their position. Another great way to have a discussion about the story and assess student knowledge of textual evidence.

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Ideas to Consider

Revisit the
Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning Domains and consider rewriting questions a different and higher levels of Blooms. How can students apply what they learn to something new?

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Rigor: More Work Or Harder Work or...?

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  • High Expectations and Rigor
  • Culture of Caring

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MMS Instructional Tips

Excerpt from Education World, Creating a Culture Of High Expectations For All Students, by Larry Bell

Never accept excuses. Sometimes developing a classroom culture of high expectations requires taking a stand. I gave students power names, I bragged on them all the time too. But I never accepted their excuses for not having their work done.

However, when I had to lean on students who did not meet my high expectations, I always did it with compassion. With compassion. When the student came in and said he didn’t have his homework, I would say, “I understand why you don’t have it. You say you had to work last night. You got home late. You had to put your brothers and sister to bed. And then you had to get them up this morning and get them ready for school. That’s why you don’t have your homework, right?”

And when they said yes, that was when I told them, “I understand. It’s just that I expect better than this from you. I want better for you than to work at McDonalds. That’s an honest living. If that’s what you want to do, that’s up to you. But I want better than that of you. I want my homework every day. If you can do all that you say you do, then you can do my homework. See me before school or after school if you need help, but don’t come in here without my work because you are better than that.”

I had one line that my students heard over and over again. That one line never changed. I always said,“I understand. It’s just that I expect better than this out of you. From somebody else, maybe. But not from you.” I’d tell kids repeatedly, “No, you are better than that. I want you to go home and do the homework anyway, even if you will only get partial credit. Please don’t let me down again. You are better than that. I expect so much better than that out of you.”

I really and truly believe that if you’re going to create a classroom culture that says you expect a lot out of every child, every child ought to be called a power name. Every child ought to be bragged on. Start early in the school year building that relationship, but never accept excuses; for when you do that, you become an enabler.

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MMS Media Tips:

M-Powerment #2: High Expectations

As your prepare lessons and incorporate high expectations in your lessons and activities, do not forget about utilizing the CAVE. Getting students out of the classroom and into a new environment can lead to more creative and engaging students. Do you have a great idea but need help with implementation then the CAVE is the place to bring rigorous lesson to life in a collaborative, caring place. We always welcome classes and want to support you and your students!

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From Cuz's Desk

Give the gift of M-Powerment to students by allowing them to read at every opportunity. When they finish class work or have idle time. Send them to me to help them find a great book (job security you know).

From the Help Desk:

Expecting Greatness with Responsible Technology Use

A respected interviewer is notorious for asking the question: "have you ever broken the rules?" Of course the honest answer is "Yes" as anyone who ever speeds knows that is breaking the rules. But are rules meant to be broken?

The Responsible Use Policy (RUP) is in place for the protection, safety and security of the students and staff of MGSD.

Some of those rules may appear asinine but each is in place for a reason. Here are two quick RUP reminders:

1. Please refrain from allowing students to drink or eat near their devices. Most will never spill anything but if liquid spills in your class on a device because you allow students the opportunity you could be held responsible.

2. Students should not be using Messages or other chat services/websites. This is clearly discussed in the video but the presence of the app on the dock has led many students to think it is okay. In the near future Messages will be broken on all student machines but for now please monitor and discipline accordingly.

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