Try-out Videos and Info!!

Make sure you read the titles

Directions for videos

If you are trying out for Varsity you will need to learn the cheer and the dance that is specificly for Varsity. It is longer. The videos are labeled as well as the music for the specific dance.

If you are trying out for JV or Freshman you will need to learn the cheer and the dance that is specificly for JV and Freshman. It is shorter. The videos are labeled as well as the music for the specific dance.

For the cheer you will say the exact words that they say. On Monday we will be doing this as a group and will not stop to teach specific people certain parts. We want to see how fast you can pick up new choreography and how self motivated you are. We will show you what our expectations are (if you can do it like the video, sharp, energy, etc) but will not be teaching the routine.

Agenda for the Week

Monday: If you have not turned in your paperwork already COME WITH ALL YOUR PAPER WORK TO TURN IN COMPLETED You will check in to make sure all paper work is turned in. Don't let your parents leave until you know all of your paper work is good. If you come without all of your paperwork you WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to come to the clinic!

  • We will stretch together and do a quick warm up.
  • We will go over jump techniques and what we are looking for.
  • We will go over the cheer 5-10 times pointing out important things that we will be looking for.
  • We will divide into group based on the team you are trying out for and go over the dance. We will do this 5-10 times.
  • We will go over the rest of the week and answer any questions you may have.

Tuesday: You will check in again with the coaches.

  • We will do stretches and warm-ups together
  • You will be put into groups to do rotations (running tumbling, standing tumbling/jumps, cheer, dance) You will be at each station 20 minutes. If you would like to get your tumbling certified on this day you can.
  • You will draw your numbers for try out order

Wednesday: This day is optional if you come you can work on whatever you want. You can get your tumbling certified on this day or thursday.

ThursdayYou will check in with coaches

  • Stretch and warm-up together
  • Go over cheer and dance once
  • Mock try-outs (you will come in and do your dance with the 3 people who have the number before and after you) All will do dance first. Then you will come in and get your tumbling certified (you must do each skill 3 times without touching down inorder for you to do it at try outs) You will then do your jumps and cheer.


We will start with Varsity try-outs at 4pm once all of Varsity has finished and we have no call backs you may leave.

We will then do JV and once they are done with no call backs you may leave.

Freshman will be last.

Before you leave you will recevie an envelope with a website that will have YOUR NUMBER posted IF you make the team.


Coaches Points:

  • These are based on the following:
  • If we have to tell you to take jewelry out, pull your hair up etc. (you should be coming into practice in the correct attire ready to work)
  • If we see you on your phone you will have points deducted. CELL PHONES ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE GYM WHILE WE ARE PRACTICING
  • Your attitude towards the coaches and other participants. We want to see that you are a team player and can respect your coaches, upper classmen and other team mates.
  • Lack of participation (sitting down, goofing off etc) will result in points deducted. We don't waste time in our practice and don't want to see you wasting our time.

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Here is where you will find the Try Out Cheer and Dance starting March 3rd @2pm.

What's Happening at Practice?

Here you can see pictures and videos of what we've been doing in class and after school each week.

Tumble Routine

Stunt Routine