Super Glue

The worlds sickies glue

Harry Coover

Harry coover discovered the strongest glue on accident. Originally he tried to make a clear plastic to be used in gun sights! Harry worked with a man named fred after world war ll. On Fred's 910th time of compounding he could not separate the lenses from the machine so he apologized to harry but harry saw entire new possibilities for this stuff, with its incredible sticky powder.


Harry discovered super glue in 1942 but he wasn't the only one that create the super sticky powder! Eastman Kodak helped make super glue he tried to make something else but then he made the sticky solution. Harry stopped making the clear plastic for the gun and started to work with the sticky solution.

Super Uses

What is the uses?

Some people use Super Glue for their cars! Several drops of super glue will hold a two ton car up in the air! Some people will make a mistake and use acetone to remove it. These are what people have said about being great for their car, ¨ My car taillight was cracked. I used superglue to seal it and the car passed inspection!! I didn't have to buy an entire new set of lights.¨

Fun Facts

  • Super glue can be removed with acetone
  • Several drops of super glue will hold a two ton car in the air
  • Super glue lasts longest when stored upright in dry, cool conditions like a refrigerator