Dedication Page!

All about what the dedication is!

What is a Dedication Page?

A dedication page is a page where you dedicate a book or other work of art to someone and something else what the author wants to share.

An example of a dedication page

For My friends: This book is for my friends of how we used to live when i was little. My friends mean alot to me. If i had not alot of friends i dont know what i would do. Yes me and my friends have our ups and downs but we made it through.

what goes on a dedication page

Usually what goes on a dedication page is your thanks to all those who helped you write your book. Authors can never write a book all by themselves. They need some form of help, like critique and feedbackan editor to remove the fluff out of their storiesreaders who share the author's excitement Anyone who helped the author is their quest to become published or finish their book should be included on the dedication page. Loved ones, family members are friends are usually included in a dedication page as well.

how to make a dedication page

The most difficult part of writing this piece of front matter is choosing who you would like to dedicate your work to. Some writers may find it to be the most difficult part of the whole process. When choosing who to write your dedication for, think about the process you just went through and who helped you get through it. This could include a variety of people, including a parent, sibling, or other family member, a spouse or partner, a friend, a supervisor, a colleague, or even a pet. This is a very personal choice and there is no wrong decision.
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